Total deductions for nurses working in Quebec

  1. I am happy that I was given a chance to have fulltime position in a hospital in Quebec. Until I realized that I am only getting 58% of my salary. 42% of which is my deductions like federal tax, provincial tax, medical, pension, union and other benefits. I am just wondering about other nurses who work in other provinces of Canada, especially Alberta, how much total deductions you have there..... Thanks in advance
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I'm in Alberta, and my deductions came to 39.26% of my gross income. I work part time, 70% FTE.
  4. by   Insomniac-88
    This is why I will not take a full-time position ATM. The deductions are ridiculous, and the pay difference between a part-time employee and a full-time employee is small enough to make me cringe.

    If you have multiple children, and a spouse with no benefits, then it may be worth it for you, even then I find it hard to believe one family uses thousands of dollars worth of benefits per year.

    I work 45 hours per pay period. A full-time employee works 75. My net pay is $1109 per pay period, assuming I don't pick up any further shifts. A full-time employee nets about $1450. $350 more per pay period for double the work doesn't seem worth it to me, but it depends on your preferences. Some people like consistency, so a full-time schedule works for them.

    You can make a lot more money by taking a part-time position, and just pick up extra shifts.