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Hi everyone, CRNE exam is around the corner! Please share your questions and knowledge, and anything you come across during your preparation and think it's good to know for the exam. Our fellow RNs... Read More

  1. by   Adavid268
    Hello angelkatkat.. you'll find all the answers here in allnurses.. search for the topics and read the threads.. To answer one of your questions, the CRNE is available only in Canada.. =)
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from angelkatkat
    hello... just want to ask.

    for those who want to take the CRNE where could they take the exam?
    is it available only in Canada? or there are other countries that offers you to get the CRNE?.... like in NCLEX?.....
    Did you read the responses in the other CRNE thread you've been posting to? Read the following: FAQ - The Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) for answers to all of your questions. I'll reiterate... The CRNE is NOT the same as the NCLEX in any way.
  3. by   shortstuff_RN
    I wrote last year, and these are the tips i can give you..
    1. ALWAYS look for key words, especially in those questions where it seems that every answer could be right. For example, never "give advice". As soon as you see "give advice", the answer is immediately wrong. Look for "encourage" or "explore". I know prep books go over these kinds of tips...don't ignore them! Read them! They're useful.
    2. Read the questions. I woulds say about 70% of the test is in case study form. You will have a huge paragraph (seriously, about half the page) describing the pt situation, and approx 3-5 questions relating to that situation. Also, don't over think the questions. If it's not there, it's not happening! Read the question for what it is, and that is all!
    3. Remember what's in the scope of nursing practice.
    4. Remember the nursing process! Assess before planning or implementing anything .
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck to everyone sitting the exam on Wednesday
  5. by   jillyjb
    Good luck to us all! I write on Wednesday as well, and though it is pretty intimidating, I feel relax and pretty well prepared!

    Regarding the NCLEX I would also make a note to say that the units of measurement are different in the states, and they also use brand names for meds, as opposed to generic.
  6. by   RescueNinja
    I can't believe it's the day after tomorrow!! I've never been the type of person to study for exams and have always done very well (writing papers is a different story for me!), but I'm starting to feel a little anxious. I'm writing in Ottawa and have been doing the questions on the CD that came with the CNA prep guide and doing pretty well.

    There seems to be an emphasis on Maternity questions in this topic...have you heard there are a lot of questions like that? Especially the blood volume and weight gain questions?? If so, I guess I need to hit the Mat book pretty hard tonight!!
  7. by   jillyjb
    I have heard from friends who took the test in the winter that there weren't very many maternity questions, and mostly they asked questions regarding post partum care for mom and baby; conditions to look out for, complications, etc.

    I don't think I would tend to focus TOO much on maternity, because I can't see it making up a huge part of the test. I'd say knowing your stuff is good, but not over doing it!
  8. by   RescueNinja
    Thank you

    Good luck to everyone today!!!
  9. by   saltcity
    Quote from janfrn
    Did you read the responses in the other CRNE thread you've been posting to? Read the following: FAQ - The Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) for answers to all of your questions. I'll reiterate... The CRNE is NOT the same as the NCLEX in any way.
    Having taken it this am and taken the NCLEX in 1998- you are totally correct. They are nothing like each other. The poster who said there is a greater emphasis on psychosocial issues in the CRNE is right. Also the health care systems are different (one driven by money, and the other driven by health promotion) so the questions on the CRNE are heavily tilted toward these things.
    I don't remember a lot of questions about working in sex clinics, running immunizations at schools,or visiting people in their homes on the NCLEX.
    I think this test (CRNE) was harder. There definitely was a lot more critical thinking involved. Hell it was harder than the CCRN exam I took in 2003, seriously!
  10. by   saltcity
    if I reveal any more the mounties will beat me up (it's in the fine print).....
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    So many people who have taken both will agree with you saltcity. I'm not sure I'd say that there's more critical thinking, but there is more mumbo-jumbo- psychobabble on the CRNE. I would say it's probably been almost a decade since the emphasis shifted from hospital-based nursing NCLEX-type questions to the current CRNE community health promotion focus. It's almost like CNA has decided that if you've graduated from a university nursing school you should be able to answer pathophys and pharmacology questions, the solid scientific part of nursing, so they test on the airy-fairy-touchy-feely. I don't think CNA realizes that most nursing graduates are going to work in hospitals and not in primary care networks.

    So, do you feel you did on the exam?
  12. by   akardan
    How did everyone find the exam today? I thought it was actually pretty good beside some very vague questions there are always there.
  13. by   RescueNinja
    It was quite a bit trickier than I expected - not harder, but trickier. I think about 75% or so had at least 2 if not all 4 "right" answers! Not really sure how I feel yet...I'm sure I did fine, but I need a few days to process and try to remember the questions so I can look up the answers lol. And now we wait...