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Hi everyone, CRNE exam is around the corner! Please share your questions and knowledge, and anything you come across during your preparation and think it's good to know for the exam. Our fellow RNs and future coworkers! we need... Read More

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    answer: number 3, foods are to served pureed.....

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    Quote from Nice_earyen
    answer: number 3, foods are to served pureed.....

    The answer is actually #1 encourage her to feed herself. I picked #3 as well. The rational provided was encouraging her to feed herself would provide her encouragment and she would be involved in her care. I don't totally agree because it did say she is aphasic and she needs assisstance. Providing her pureed food will help her maintain ideal nutrition as well.

    Any other explanation is welcome thanks.
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    As I see it #1 just mentions encouraging her to participate in the feeding process, doesn't say whether food is puréed but if she is having difficulty then getting her involved may be the boost she needs and encouragement
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    I think the aphasic there is just a trap.
    The emphasize here is how we assist someone who's already bedridden with her nutritional need. Are we going to feed her so she then become completely dependent or we get her involve in her care? I would have picked a too.
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    I was supposed to choose number 1, got stucked with "aphasic" never realizing that its not something about the problem with eating.... my bad!

    The 5th edition of the crne prep guide is expensive, shipping is more costly than the book price. What's the difference between the 4th and the 5th? Can the 4th edition be used as a review for the June 2010? or not anymore? Help please...thanks
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    We had a video conference with someone from CRNBC (college of registered nurses of BC) on the very last class we had and one of the student asked the same question. The answer was it's not a real huge difference between two books as the content are still the same. She said if you have to buy a new book, well by the 5th ed. but if you already have the 4th one, stick with it and it should be fine.
    I think I had a page of minor changes in the exam sent to us via email. I see if I can find it and send it to you.
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    Cheers indeed Akardan!

    Thanks for the input.... more more questions.....
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    Hi Nice earyen,

    Are you in Canada? I am here in Calgary. I have a copy of the CRNE Prep Guide 5th ed. and I love it! I would offer to lend you my copy but chances are you are far away from where I am right now. It is quite expensive to order it straight from Ottawa. I purchased my copy from a university here in Calgary and I did not have to pay for shipping fees & HST (just Alberta`s GST).
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    Hi there! so nice of you to do that, I am just wondering it the contents are the same with the 4th edition except for the short questions, or they have a totally different line ups of questions? I mean the way questions are constructed...

    I am not in Canada yet, still working on it.

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    I'll try to find a copy of the 4th ed (would be good to review, too).. I agree with Akardan, if you have the 4th ed., you should be fine.. same goes for me, I'll be fine with my 5th ed. I think the contents of our prep guides could be similar. The important thing is that we understand the rationales behind the correct & incorrect answers. =)

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