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Hello all, I will be relocating to Ottawa from BC in the near future. I am finishing up my courses here as an LPN and then taking the national exam. Of course, I need to be assessed in Ontario... Read More

  1. by   katherine100
    Not making assumptions Johanna I know for a fact you guys don't have things the way the US does. Also note I mentioned the narc police. That is what they are. Your own people are telling me about how the ontario nursing homes are.
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    O.k., let's stop with the getting down and personal. Please read and respect the poster. This thread has been reported a couple times. There's no sense in getting defensive and attacking, o.k.?

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    Remember, the topic is (from '10) "what the job market is like in Ottawa". It is not about "Narcs are a big deal here in the US. Is Ontario lax when it comes to these things?" - this is totally off-topic from the original OP and has no place in this thread.

    Fair warning regarding future off-topic, divisive posts.
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