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Hey i'm just curious to know if anyone knows if there is a bridge program or what i have to do to go from PSW to RPN in ontario (Toronto, niagara region) area... Read More

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    The pathway program offered at George Brown College is just to make the PSW prepare for the PN program. You will not skip anything when you begin the PN class. Its like pre-health science once you successfully complete the program you will get a chance to enter PN without taking the pre-admission test, but it will depend on your overall average marks.

    Quote from RescueNinja
    I worry about what the PNs coming from these programs are missing out on by getting credit for the PSW program. My husband is a PSW...the PSW program teaches people how to do tasks. It really doesn't teach any "knowledge" when it comes to diseases, pt populations, etc.

    So, if by bridging you are able to skip 1st semester nsg lab or something then I would understand as it's basic nsg skills (baths, transfers, etc) which the PSWs certainly have, but if it's something in the sciences or nursing then I do worry...

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    PSW attention....New legislation prohibits hospitals in Ontario from hiring PSW's who've been educated via Private Colleges... I owe alot of money and am furious that schools are able to baboozle prospective students such as myself with promises of a faster timeline benig the only difference between their school & community college such as George Brown-resoning that's why the tuition is highe, many lies told encouraging to sign up now. I believe that the government should not be extending loans to said students without a warning included; I mean how many of us wold have proceeded were the salary expectation known ahead of time $12/'s criminal. Class action suit needed. Another student at my school from Jamaica was promsed empoyment and furthermore defiate ability ti stay & work here-she was depoted. Lies steming from the fact that Everest is business-not a learning institution. PS-My lan was released from gov'tto Everest on Dec 4...only until I made hellat the financial office at end of Dec as I was nowfacin eviction...their respone? Why didn't you le us know just how serious your money situation wa-we could have given it to you soner...suspicious? So many student's funds were held for such long periods-that we suspect the 20 students each time a loan installment were due...always tooks minimum 30 day to retreive-that is alot of inerest $$$$ earned in Everests account each and every time they can. There ar may in the US and I have just begun my search for: CLASS ACTION SUIT here in Ontario that I ca join. There are so may things that are suspect to me and my classates as laypersons that hopefully with legal skill more can be sorted out and at best we can have our loans forgiven-since we cannot get the job we were promised-or tuition paid at a community college since we need to complete the whole course over again in order to be employable at the hospitals. Criminal-helpful information only please.-no salt in the wounds needed!more
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    Your first step is to file a complaint with Everest, after that, if you are not satisified with their response your next step is to file a complaint with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
    Sign and date all of your complaints and keep copies for your records.

    Good luck with your fight,
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    Toronto PSW
    If you plan to advocate for your rights, you will need to understand the applicable legislation, if you haven't already done so, read the Private Career College Act 2006

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    The PSW course at George Brown has A&P in the first semester (ANAT1051) and they slao have math now (MATH1132), so they will not be missing anything. The PSW program has been upgraded now and it is a bit lengthier because they have added these courses. I believe now that from August 2011, they have been pre-registering the psw's and they will also have to pay a fee each year. Florida State had that in place for a long time and now Canada will be registering their PSW as well. It's all a part of Government making money as usual. Soon, they will be adding a 3 month medication course for the PSW's as well. Everything is advancing in the health field, mark my words. I am hearing this from a friend which works right in the ministry of health and from an RN who teaches PSW's. Listen, these courses/careers will never stay stagnant or the same. It will always be changing.
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    Conestoga college has a bridge program from psw to rpn.

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