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I am looking for a nursing position in a northern community--i would like an experience which provides a certain degree of training/orientation I am open to any advice/interested in hearing others... Read More

  1. by   okvalley
    I would like to work in Yellowknife as an LPN while attending Aurora College to get my BSN. What is the job outlook for LPNs in Yellowknife? I am thinking to move up there late winter/early spring.
  2. by   alberta.student
    Hey Smile299 I was wondering what you ended up doing for accommodations during your final practicum?

    I'm from Alberta as well and would like to go to Whitehorse for my final practicum next fall but I'm not sure how to work out accommodations yet. Any information/advice you could give me would be awesome!
  3. by   Trishrpn80
    I have a telephone interview tomorrow with Weeneebayko Area Health Authority as an RPN... i am excited...
  4. by   adzem08
    Hello Trishrpn80, did you get the job with WAHA? I have a friend who works at moosonee and she is always so excited about being there. If you got the job, how is it going for you so far?
  5. by   Trishrpn80
    Hi Adzem,

    Yes I did get the job at WAHA. I am actually up in Attawapiskat. The staff are nice, community is welcoming. So far so good. I have learned how lucky i was in the south when you go to an ER and if you needed to go to a bigger centre it was way easier. Up here anything can go wrong and the planes may not be able to land due to weather. I like the cold so i am happy in my little land of snow. especially since where i am from hasn't had much snow.

    I am really hoping to learn more and feel like a vital part of the team. I have been here 6 wks tomorrow. I was in Moosonee on my way up here. I really want to finish my degree up in NWT or NUnavut. They have a BScN program for artic nursing which focuses on Inuit health.
  6. by   ajibike
    Hi Trishrpm80,
    I am an LPN too and just applied to a job in the yukon, not sure what health authority.
    I am currently in school though, taking the Psych Nursing program but I am hoping to go and work there for the summer. I already have a phone interview set up for the 8th of march.
    Just wondering what kind of questions you were asked on the interview.

    I am really excited, I hope this works out
    and Thanks in Advance
  7. by   Trishrpn80
    Hi Ajibike,

    I am actually located in Ontario. I am off the James Bay. I am sure that the questions may be around the same. There were quite a few questions that dealt with Natives and healthcare. There happens to be alot of diabetes, suicide, depression, etc in Northern Communities. In my interview I was asked if i knew what healthcare concerns are in this area as well as what to do if someone presents with hypo/hyperglycemia, s and s of drug abuse, etc.

    Also because i am in a remote community they wanted to make sure my mental health is ok and how I would cope with being up here. I was lucky in that i was already living in a small town in rural ontario. So for me right now there is no difference except the local walmart is no longer 80km away but 300 km and we don't have a rd out except right now wth the ice rd... obviously living in Yukon in a more metro area (hehehehe never thought i would say that about the yukon)... you won't have as mush isolation.. however, you will be away from family so that may be the isolation concern for yourself...

    Anytime you want to chat or have a question don't hesitate to contact me.
  8. by   ajibike
    Thanks alot for the info Trisha

    I dont have a lot of family in Canada , its just me and my sister so missing family won't be an issue for me besides I'm going just for the summer. I lived in Canada for 5 years before my sister moved here too.

    Thanks again, I will keep you posted.

    And oh I lived in Prince George for 3 years ( i know its not considered remote ) but it is a small town. So I think I will be fine up there.
  9. by   Trishrpn80
    Try to learn as much as you can about the area that is interviewing you and study up on diabetes, HTN, and obesity.. and you should be fine... Each area has their own health issues but those are pretty common no matter where you are these days...

    Good luck... I really want to move to Yukon as well.. but im here for now to get caught up on bills etc.. Where i am the company houses me for no charge.. but its also fly in area and very remote... but the community has been welcoming and i enjoy the cold...
  10. by   adzem08
    Congratulations!!! I dont know how I missed your response for this long. One of my classmates was actually in Attawapiskat but had to leave due to licensing issues, She loved it there, and hopes to return when things settle. I will be visiting Moosonee in a few weeks just to check it out, I do want to work in a northern community, just not sure which one but I do know I need to brush up on the general health issues involved with these communities. Good luck to you!!
  11. by   Trishrpn80
    Yeah i actually worked with your classmate for a little bit...

    I hope you have fun in Moosonee...we were only there for 1 day on our way up the coast.. it seemed nice.. would of been nice to spend a few more days there...

    Diabetes, HTN, skin disorders, and Mental Health are all the main issues up here...

    its totally different kind of nursing... but the staff up here rock... and its an amazing experience... definately not for everyone but i am glad i made the decision to come here... (some days i feel otherwise... but then somedays i question nursing lol)
  12. by   adzem08
    Kool!! One of my friends who works in Moosonee told me she will be coming over your area May or June for work, I know she knows quite a few nurses there already, her name is Sacha, just in case you get to meet her. It seems like people who work there really like it which is encouraging. I havent applied yet or anything but I am hoping all goes well when I decide to, thanks so much for the information