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hi. Good Day! im a british citizen of filipino descent working as a nurse in a big NHS hospital here in London. im currently waiting for an application from an online recruiter of nurses from British Columbia. the advice i want... Read More

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    Hi Gino

    How come you have to sit the SEC thing about the mental health. My pinoy girlfriend got her eligibility letter without any reference to that SEC thing. She trained in the Philippines as yourself.

    Yesterday she got her work permit via the post. So I dont understand why they ask you to sit for the SEC. So what are you going to do now? You are nearly there now. Are you going to give up and regret later in life?

    You have to do what you feel is right and I do think that you should be patient and dont look at Alberta as a way out from your ward. I dont know what is the issue you are having on your ward but just do the move cos you want to do it not cos you want to run away from your problem in your ward.

    Bye for now


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    i do not know why i have to sit this whole SEC exam thing but my only guess is that probabbly what they found on my CV and app forms is a "lack of number of hours" it dealing with mental health patients. that's all i can gather.

    i was told by GH that all my forms are in the Canada High Commision and that i will hear from them in 4-6 weeks. i know i'm almost there and i'm just biting my tounge and trying to be patient. so far so good and i havn't heard of any complaints about me or any issues, etc. so ill just keep my practice safe i suppose.

    my parents kept asking me why Canada and not the U.S. or Australia. i always tell them that an opportunity came to me and not because "i'm not happy with my ward". in a way yes i am not happy but i want to try and look on the bigger picture about my future and my wife. (were getting married this march

    are you in Canada now Cocoy2go? how are you? and how is it there?

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