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New Nurse in a Rehab Facility.. HELP

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    I graduated recently and got a job in an inpatient rehab unit at a local hospital. I've never had any experience working in rehab setting. I just want to know what skills / knowledge I need to have in order to ease my transition in this unit. From what I've observed in my orientation last week their patient population is mostly hip/knee replacement, fractures, amputation and so on. Please send me links to educational resources that I could use. Thanks!
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    Google is your friend. Also, I'd access my school's data base for research articles.
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    You'll get a chunk of orientation material from the CNE on your first day. You need to follow the institution's protocols not random suggestions from people who don't work there.
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    I work on a floor that has large percentage of rehab patients. Lots of hips. You need to learn about hip precautions and proper transfer techniques.The physiotherapists are a good resource.Promoting independence is very important. We have to learn to be firm with our patients.I have had to explain that this is the "rehab" floor,not the " I'm going to lay in my bed all day" floor.