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hello! anybody heard about this agency? .. i've already got an employer, thru the help of this agency.. can you please give me feedbacks.. especially those who are under in capital health.. thanks thanks! :typing:zzzzz... Read More

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    Quote from Haoyin
    I guess we just have to be mindful in wording our thoughts as not to trigger any sort of misunderstanding. Although it does seem a bit demeaning if Filipino nurses will simply be assessed as LPN indicating that we have poor standards of education. I would simply like to put it as such that not simply because there's one or two rotten eggs in the basket would signify that all eggs are rotten.

    That aside, I know that what janfrn is saying is simply "those" who were recruited in Alberta were assessed as LPN's based on their qualifications. It's just that the statement "BScN from the Philippines is not equivalent to a BScN in Alberta" caused the confusion. Although if you read it again, janfrn stated "their BScN from the Philippines..." lets put emphasis on "their" to point out the fact that "not everyone" from Philippines but only "those" who were previously recruited. For me it should have just been stated as "their BScN is not equivalent..." removing "Philippines" as not to sound demeaning to all Filipino nurses.

    What is "demeaning" about being an LPN? The skill set of LPNs in Alberta and Ontario (the two provinces most demanding in their PN education) is the equivalent to the "old" two year nursing diploma. When LPNs had to mentor their IEN co-workers and demonstrate some of the most basic skills in the skill set, yes there were major problems.

    The profession of Practical Nursing is demanding and quite well paying. If these nurses had felt "demeaned" by taking a job that started them off at over $20 an hour they were well within their rights to say "No thank you" when offered the positions and return home.
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    zzzz... I did not say that being an LPN is demeaning but if you take as a whole that Philippine nursing standards of education doesn't meet Canada's nursing standards of education then that would seem demeaning. Anyway, I won't argue as the reason I posted was to clarify with chokyali that janfrn didn't mean to degrade Philippine nursing education, she simply stated that "those" previously offered jobs were assessed as lacking in terms of qualification.

    Maybe you ought to read again what I posted so you don't misinterpret me as well. Anyway... end of conversation.

    And I do agree that LPN's have good work and salary and it's up to them if they want to work out their RN status once they are already working in Canada. It's a plus if you're an RN since basically that's the degree you studied for over here.
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    Yup, it's pretty demeaning for an LPN to have to educate an IEN in basic nursing skills that we expect nurses of both grades to have. I mean really, staple and suture removal, ostomy care, explaining how to manage your time, demonstrating bedside care. This was what we had to work on with the IENs our hospital employed. All basic skills that nurses with any education should come to their first job with.
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    for chokyali, just read a bit more between the lines before getting upset. i'm sure staff members of this forum won't say anything nasty and degrading intentionally. and chokyali, i'm a 2nd courser as well who took-up my bsn for only 2 years since a lot of my basic subjects were already credited. do you mean that you are much more qualified as a nurse compared to me since you took your nursing for 4 years? i'm very well aware of the kind of environment we have here with regard to nursing schools sprouting here and there that does not meet nursing standards. yet, there are still a lot that's credible. so if your ego got hurt with what janfrn said which you misinterpreted, i think it goes both ways that you should also be careful with what you say. since i refuse to believe that my 2 year nursing is inferior than your 4 year nursing.[/quote]

    oooppps! did i mentioning anything about being more qualified? did i mention any school or about the nursing school that you came from? i said i know some school. pls. don't over interpret.
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    It was meant to show you what misinterpretation can do. I do not really mind what you said about schools and all. I am not affected as I know my capabilities. I just said that to show you had I taken what you said in a different light then it could have bruised my ego right away and questioned you. Anyway, I do not intend to further talk about this as it is really irrelevant on the purpose of this forum.

    Good day.
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    Quote from Haoyin

    It was meant to show you what misinterpretation can do. I do not really mind what you said about schools and all. I am not affected as I know my capabilities. I just said that to show you had I taken what you said in a different light then it could have bruised my ego right away and questioned you. Anyway, I do not intend to further talk about this as it is really irrelevant on the purpose of this forum.

    Good day.
    Bravo! if you were not affected then why are you so defensive. I was supposed to get help in defending our fellow nurses and here you are defending your ownself.
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    Quote from ice04
    Alright, I'll do that. Thanks so much. I got into this because of my desire to be able to work in Canada as a nurse the soonest possible time. Its really so depressing that I have known about this too late and that I have already paid my tuition in full, not to mention I have just borrowed the money. I wish I can make them accountable for this, but I still need to do more researches on it. To everyone who may have heard about it, forget it! I think you'll just waste your time and money doing the program. I wasted 7 months of my precious time sitting in their classes with their instructors who were only my age, and paid P70,000 for it, since they said its the only thing that we have to pay for because that includes the processing fee and the plane tickets. Now that we're done with school, they're discussing other options to us, going to UAE, Taiwan, etc... I wish I could say where the campus is located, but it might affect their reputation..-its the university in Morayta though. hehe.. me! How do I make them accountable for this? you think I can sue them and get my money back? well of course, the time lost cannot be taken back.
    I am glad you are willing to take action against this type of exploitation. As far as making Sprott Shaw staff accountable, you will need to do some research to determine what laws they are breaking.
    For your information, in Ontario, it is against the law to make you pay for training in order to get a caregiver job, see news article

    To become more infromed, you can contact the Canadian caregivers association describe how Sprott Shaw is enticing students to take their caregiver course with promises of emplyment in Canada. Ask them if it is against Canadian federal law for Sprott Shaw to do this and ask for suggestions on how to stop them from exploiting others and if there is any recourse for you.
    For a stronger voice and greater success, ask others who were in the caregiver course to join you in your fight.
    good luck
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    wow, thanks so much dishes...i'll check on these and do more research about this. I have also been starting to get in contact with the director of the school to gather more information. And my classmates are very much willing to help out especially the first batch who graduated. Thanks so much! =)
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    I am glad to see that others are joining you as you advocate for your rights. For more information about exploitation of nurses brought to Canada from the Philipines to work as live-in-caregivers you can contact the Filipino nurse support group
    Once you have become informed about your rights and how to fight this exploitation, I hope you will start a new thread that specificaly addresses this issue. A thread with the a more approipriate title than" Mercan recruit" will help others who are interested in this topic to find it easily by using the seach tool on allnurses. Hopefully, your experience will help will deter others from wasting their time and money on exploitive agencies.
    wishing you strength and wisdom in your fight!

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