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I'm currently an LPN in Edmonton, AB wondering if anyone here has taken the orthopaedic tech continuing education course through NorQuest? How was it for you? How do you like being an ortho tech vs. an LPN?... Read More

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    I heard there is a prerequisite to take orthopaedic course for LPN, which is 10,000 hours of experience in either longterm or hospital but do not quote me on this one. I also heard that there are more job than posted. If I get more info, I'll share.

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    found this on the web site:
    This program consists of 3 parts and the theory is self study and can be taken by distance and is continuous intake. The exams can be sent to an approved proctor in your facility. The requirements for admission:
    currently working on acute surgical floor, preferably on an Ortho ward or Emergency dept for a minimum 1600hrs to 2 years.
    An active nursing reg in good standing
    Formal interview with instructor
    Applicants must also be in good health, referring to physical ability to push, pull and lift 50lbs or greater and above average English skills

    Component 1 is a 20 week self study including a
    review of anatomical planes and direction, osteology, skeletal system, joint and movement, skeletal muscles, nervous and cardiovascular systems.Understanding the specifics of these systems and how they relate to each other assists the LPN when doing a full orthopaedic assessment of a patient.

    Component 2 is a theory based comprehensive look at orthopaedic terminology, musculoskeletal pathology, orthopaedic assessment, immobility and ambulation, trauma, upper and lower extremity injuries, pediatrics, diagnostic procedures and orthopaedic devices including casting and traction.

    ]Component 3 is a focus on the development of knowledge and skills. There is a 5 day mandatory workshop to give each student a “hands on” opportunity with orthopaedic assessments, procedures, radiology, casting / splinting and traction. Following the workshop, the students are required to do a full-time 300 hour graded practicum in both a cast room and emergency department setting.
    There are 2 exams and an assignment per course. On line version is coming out in Sept 2013 with videos and more trauma.
    Looks great

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