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Hi, I will be graduating from nursing this summer and am looking to relocate to Toronto in August/September 2011. With all the shortages of nursing jobs around Canada, I wanted to get an idea of what the job prospects are for... Read More

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    Brith over ; is RVH planning to hire RPNs? I am willing to relocate from the GTA with six months experience in the LTC as a new grad

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    I have a friend that is an RPN and she just got hired at RVH.
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    Unfortunately I failed the exam and I did another attempt this October 2012 and passed.
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    Not all over canada. The diploma programs still exist.
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    You can find some great Nursing job prospects in Toronto on Kijiji
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    Kijiji? REALLY?? Why would a responsible, licensed and reputable facility or agency post FREE ads as their recruitment strategy? Why would a health care professional look on a free advertising board for a job? That just seems really odd to me.
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    I know you would be surprised but they do! I have found many jobs like this one, for a RN.
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    I'm not sure a new grad would be suitable for the type of job posted on a free-ad website by a recruitment agency. You are aware that linking to any site that could be considering self-promotion or advertising is a Terms of Service violation, aren't you?
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    New grads are desperate for jobs but I honestly would not recommend kijiji for jobs.
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    Sorry guys I just like kijiji for job search in Toronto. I also use another site too that is very good and you may like it too. I am not self-promoting just sharing some links that in my opinion can be helpful when seeking employment as a new grad. Both sites I have obtained employment through when I completed my nursing in 2009. I had a job 4 days after i got my RN License.
    As an RN you do 4 years of schooling and this counts towards your experience. This is important to remember.
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