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Job application- Alberta Health Service website. - page 8

Anyone actually get a call back after applying? My goodness! I have applied for so many Attendent jobs and not once call back. I even applied for a job in laundry (It makes more then the group home I... Read More

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    From what I hear, it's pretty much everything. One of my patient's daughter told me she'd applied for 27 different psych aide positions over the last couple of years prior to getting her Psych degree. Never called for any of them.

    Are you qualified to apply for a unit clerk's job because the only unit clerks' I've seen hired are ones who did their preceptorships on the unit.
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    Quote from asitoja
    Hi, Yes! I was accepted! I got a call from the manager this morning telling me that she's going to send me a job offer and orientation schedule. It's in Unit 27, Dialysis unit
    Hi asitoja, I know it's been a year for this thread...How many days did you receive your letter of employment? I just got accepted, and the manager told me it will be emailed a couple of days. thanks...

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