How have you kept your practise current?

  1. 0 I am a new LPN and have yet to work. I want to stay current, and am curious as to how you have done this, specially if you are not working.
    Re-reading my textbooks and going over my flash cards from when I was in school seems like a daunting proposition!
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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    Read. Attend workshops/seminars. There are a couple of companies around that do one day workshops in hotels and you get a certificate of attendance.
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    I make a point of attending workshops and seminars as well. I also take courses usually at least once a year. I have taken wound care, pain management and palliative care weekend courses.I took a pero operative course that was 8 weeks and I am now just finishing a coronary care course online.I am looking at oncology next.My local college offers continuing education for RPNs so I always check out their calendar.
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    Same as above. I take a course once a year, attend workshops when I can, review my meds regularly, and read journal articles and best practise guidelines. I also belong to the geriatric nurses association.

    Nothing beats experience though, so if you are having trouble finding work, keep at it. Consider widening your search if possible. Many people have had to travel extensively and/or relocate for their first job.
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