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Hi there, I am looking for information on the nursing job market in Calgary for graduate nurses. Are there any full time positions available this coming summer? Ideally I would like to get hired... Read More

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    I've heard of casuals having zero shifts in a month. They are applying for any line they can find.

    Corrections may be hiring, but remember any unit that has an excess of vacancies may not be a good place to be.
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    <whispers> We have XLIV vacant lines according to what I heard today... no info on whether any will be filled. But we just hired a new intensivist...
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    Quote from janfrn
    <whispers> We have XLIV vacant lines according to what I heard today... no info on whether any will be filled. But we just hired a new intensivist...

    They offering finders fees? Remember those days?
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    Do I? I remember that they refused to pay me because the person I recruited had talked to someone at a job fair. She used my name on her application but they wouldn't give me the money.
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    I've had no callbacks from AHS on any positions I've applied for. I'm giving up for awhile....going on vacation in May.
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    Quote from witness2012
    What is the best solution for new grads now?
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    Nursing fluctuates in cycles, and this has always been the case. Eventually, everyone will be desperate and hiring again. I think you need to be flexible and adaptable, no matter what the situation is. Research the areas you might want to work and live and just apply. Be open to going rural if you want to work sooner, rather than later. There are jobs, just not nearly as many as there was. Most every Province will hire nurses in rural areas because these areas are hard to recruit. Your best bet is to start researching and emailing recruiters.
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    And for the love of gawd, don't say you'll work shift when you have no intention of doing so. So not expect to walk into a M-F day shift line as a new grad. Do not expect full time hours if you are hired as a casual.

    Too many new grads have really unrealistic expectations of what the real world is about.
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    Hi everyone,

    I am a soon-to-be New Grad graduating in BC but moving to Calgary to be with my partner in May. I am not having a lot of luck finding out what the climate is for new grads (or external applicants in general) lately for AHS and Calgary in particular - anyone on here have any insights? Has anything changed in the last year since the conversation on this board happened??

    Thank you for any help!
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    There are numerous threads on this topic here. The climate in AB and everywhere else is terrible, especially in the major cities, for new grads and experienced nurses.

    Be prepared to accept casual or temp in whatever area you can find. AHS continues to mess with the system, and you're an external applicant which will make it more difficult. You need to be in the system to have first pick of the jobs, and even then, it's difficult.
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