Cross Country Comparison of Wages and Benefits

  1. The Canadian Federation of Nurses' Unions has developed a cross country comparison of wages and benefits for unionized nurses across Canada. This comparison includes nurses in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon as well as all 10 provinces. You can tell at a glance how your wages, vacation entitlement, statutory holiday bank, sick time, continuing education and shift differentials and many others compare to your fellow nurses. The comparison is updated regularly as contracts are renegotiated and is easily accessed at:
    As you can see, the file is a pdf, so you'll need Acrobat to view it.
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  3. by   student456
    thanks so much! it helps alot :spin:
  4. by   spiritmagejkt
    That is very interesting. Especially with the Clinical specialist nurses I am considering doing that. Looks that they make about the same as a practitioner.

    It feels soooooo good to get back to working again. I feel like a normal human
  5. by   Apollorn
    I danced with Linda Silas at the BCNU convention. She's awesome.
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I met her at the Manitoba Nurses' Union AGM in 2005; it was their 30th anniversary and I was there as a guest of the president, Maureen Hancharyk. Linda impressed me as someone who truly understood the global condition of nursing in Canada.

    As an aside, the Manitoba Nurses' Union will taking a strike vote on March 10/08. Their last strike vote was held in the spring of 2002, with the members voting overwhelmingly to strike. Their negotiations were resolved at the 11th hour without having to take the final step. I wish them the same success this time around.
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  7. by   RNAnnjeh
    Thanks for this....

    We recently underwent a review (not good for us) and really needed some data to back us up.

  8. by   leggendario
    Thanks for posting this very nice information.....
  9. by   rotary
    looks like they need an update soon, the site still includes current contracts that expired in 2008. Wages have changed significantly since then in some provinces.
  10. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Thanks for pointing that out, rotary. Here is an updated version:

    There are some contracts that have expired and are still in negotiations so that data has not been included. There are also a couple of updated contracts that have not been publicly released and are therefore not available to the Canadian Federation of Nurses' Unions to include. There is a disclaimer on the first page. I'll check back with CFNU every so often to look for further updates.
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  11. by   SEPF
    Does anybody happen to have an updated link to those tables? I love the information they have, but am sure it has changed over the last few years.