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Anybody who will be taking the CRNE on October 5, 2011, please post your comments and suggestions here like making a study group, sharing notes, meeting at the library or anything that will help the examinees pass the... Read More

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    for those who came out with flying colors......those who failed don't loose your heart,failure is the stepping stone for of luck....i am still waiting for my results....i am wondering still i am alive....this tension didn't kill me...

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    Quote from binutho
    Hi S Grorge and Subi..Me too an IEN,from India,cleared CRNE in this Oct .If you need any helpcontact
    hi Binutho , i am also IEN from india and i also failed twice and want to write in feb (last chance and i am trying to send you email at your given email id but message didnt go through, please can you give me some suggestion or pm me ...thanks
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    Quote from failednurse
    hii..i am writing the crne exam on feb-1st. i failed is my last chance. if anybody have any suggestions or any practice questions please send to my e-mail please help me.. help me.. help me ..pleaseeeeeee...thanks
    how about you read some of the hundreds of posts here on that subject that will answer your questions many times over? this thread alone has dozens of posts that discuss study strategies, resources and where to find practice questions.
    Quote from dream4thainurse
    hi all,
    i am ien and pplied for febuary 1st 2012 exam and i am studying evryday with cna ,mosby.lippincotte, as much as i can and i applied prep course at toronto school of nursing 750$ anybody took the course there before?????
    there are a number of posts on this thread and the one for the february exam that talk about toronto school of nursing. not to be confused with the fly-by-night toronto school of health.

    the last straggling results should be in by the end of the week so this thread will be closed on friday.
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    Quote from dream4thainurse
    Hi all,
    I am IEN and pplied for Febuary 1st 2012 exam and i am studying evryday with CNA ,MOSBY.LIPPINCOTTE, as much as i can and i applied prep course at toronto school of nursing 750$ anybody took the course there before?????

    Yes I know of some people who took the course and they had some very good things to say about them. My previous clinical instructor that I had during my consolidation has always recommended them, and I have had some previous classmates who have taken it and passed. They had nothing but good things to say about them. If you're studying everyday, you seem to be in a good place because really need to prepare on your own as well so keep it up.
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    I took the course with them, and I thought it was worth the money as they helped me focus on nursing interventions and really helped me study, which is a daunting task given the amount of information that is out there. I took the primed course as well, which was also pretty good. Now i just have to labour the difficult job market since my study days are over (well not over, as we always have to keep up with our education!) I have been applying to all the hospitals, and did my consolidation in the med-surg. I do have an interview at a hospital in Ottawa, which is somewhat exciting as I have never been there. Can anyone tell me what they think about Civic hospital in Ottawa? This is the Canadian Section, so maybe someone had a placement there or something.
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    Anybody from Edmonton Area writing their CRNE 2nd time and want to for a sudy group? You can e-mail me @
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    I just received my mail today and I am so happy to say that I passed! This was my second attempt.

    This is what I did to study: I typed up notes and reviewed them, used the 5th edition of the CRNE Prep guide, 2 Mosby Books, and did various practice questions that were provided by

    For those who did not make it this time around, please do not loose hope! You can and will get through this. I think one of the biggest difference with how I studied for this exam versus the June exam was the amount of practice questions that I did. I only scored roughly around 66-69% on the practice exam but I scored an 80% on the CRNE prep guide practice exam.

    I wish you all of the best!
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    i am looking for any friends who want to do group study for exam in feb 1st
    please email me
    Hamilton ontario.
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    Where do you live I am looking for a study group for February 2012 around the Niagara/Hamilton area or for those who live in Missassauga I don't mind meeting halfway say in Hamilton. Thank you.
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    i live in hamilton close to downtown where do you live watchme27?

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