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Anybody who will be taking the CRNE on October 5, 2011, please post your comments and suggestions here like making a study group, sharing notes, meeting at the library or anything that will help the examinees pass the... Read More

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    I am from Toronto Ryerson University class of 2011.

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    This is very true!
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    Review classes will help but it depends also on how you absorbed the lectures and hints for answering questions. The main important thing is believe in yourself combine with hardwork and and good study habits.
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    Primed Review for 2 days is not enough!!
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    I passed last june 2011, and here are few facts. 5% of test takers will fail. That is why the passing marks change every exam. Higher > 3.5 GPA is good indicative that you will pass but not a guarantee that you will pass.

    So 95% of you will pass, Congratulations go do your best. Rest, Read on.

    Buy borrow that CNA book, Both exams are good indicators to rate yourself, do one test only, in one sitting. if you score >70% in that test you will pass, If you score > 60% you may pass if you complete the test, but if you score < 60% you need help.

    Don't start reading the material again, that won't help, you already know enough. Don't take the second exam from the CNA book yet, wait, keep on reading.

    What you need to do is, learn, how to give this test, So here is what you should do. Ready set go.

    1. Read the question carefully, look for what is being asked.
    2. Read all the answers. If the answers are mix of Assessment and Implementation. Even if you are tempted to choose implementation don't, choose first/most/best Assessment.
    3. Use Maslow meet physical need before pychosocial needs.
    4. Use ABC, choose answer related to airway before breathing, breathing before circulation and last circulation
    5. Than comes Safety, specially all the position related questions mind safety, reduce harm or to improve safety.

    Follow these steps, take the test # 2 of CNA book , I guarantee you will score more than 60%, if you do keep reviewing the above steps, and Good Luck.

    People who still do not score >60% in test #2, don't panic did you score >55% if you did keep reviewing the material and do more practice using steps given above. There is a good chance you will pass.

    If someone score < 55% in both the tests, we need to talk. First withdraw, Do not give exam you are not ready yet, and do not waste your chance (you know you have only three chances). You need professional help.

    You guys must be thinking, what if everybody follow my advise, what happens to bottom 5%, my answer is the passing score will increase say from 55 to 60%, I know it is stupid concept CNA use, but sad for those bottom 5% who will fail.

    What will happen, will CNA still drop bottom 5%, if everybody score > 75%, I am not sure, never happened before.

    People who are on their last chance do not give exam in October, not enough 5% whom you can beat. So wait for bigger pool say June.

    Plan ahead what will you do during the wait time after the exam, remember 4-6 weeks. Do not worry, there is nothing you can do after exam. You are a nurse, learn to cope (hug person next to you and say I love you), So chilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, time will pass.
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    I wouldn't really suggest taking a review course. A few of my friends went to Toronto to take the review course which, not only cost a lot of money, but I didn't feel would be very beneficial. It may be beneficial for those who had problems taking examinations in the past with multiple choice, but for me, no.

    I started studying about 6 weeks before the exam. That's really the recommended time period you should be studying for it. Where I live, 300 of us wrote the exam, and 75 failed. So, you do the math - that's 25% of those who wrote the exam with me, failed it. I spoke with someone when I called the CNO. Compared to last years, there are less questions and because of that, the allotted time is shortened. A close friend of mine who I was in nursing with for the last 4 years failed the exam. She's only failed once in all her nursing classes during an exam, normally she has quite good marks. What happened was, the first half of the exam was psychosocial... the questions were very wordy, confusing, etc. She spent so much time on those, within the last hour she had to answer roughly 70 questions. She evidentally ran out of time.

    So, what happened? She didnt' crack a book open until the last Saturday when the examination took place the following Wednesday. This exam isn't just about reviewing content that you already know, it's about time management like so many have mentioned.

    What would I suggest if you can't sit for long periods and study? I would do a couple hours a day. Do as many questions as you can, and the ones you get wrong, go back and read about it. Read the rationales. However, I do have to say, that I had to go independently look up some OB that I forgot about (new borns and RBC's) and I happened to read about that the day before the exam and a question pertaining to that was on there. Get up early in the morning and do some practice qeustions if you can't be bothered at night because it's the summer time. At least when you get up early, you get it out the way and the rest of the days if yours. Still read about the processes because just doing questions alone won't get you by.

    Anyway... that's my two cents and that's how I did it and I passed from taking the exam in June, 2011. Now I'm on to studying for the NCLEX.
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    Hello everyone:

    I would like to give you also some advice for the crne exam in october or february. All the resources that you all mentioned are definately a must to study inside out like the CRNE prep guides and mock tests you can purchase from the CNA online, the mosbys comprehensive review and prep guides, lippincott, your notes from med-surg courses may be helpful, study groups and prep courses. They are all very useful and proven to work and increases your chances to pass the crne.

    In addition to all the resources you are planning to use, My advice to you will be to create a schedule that works for you and dedicate every single day 4-6-9 hours per day to review and do mock questions, do as many questions as possible, do 2,3,4 thousand questions whatever you are comfortable with and whatever your time allows you until you feel you are getting it, don't take a break until this is done. I don't mean to be exaggerated but in all honesty for some of us that is the amount of work and time needed to make this final step to conquer the registration.

    All the exam is based on Critical Thinking, Safety first, and Health promotion. I don't mean to sound rude but for the ones that are tested in October, I would not recommend to take summer vacation at this moment in time because you will be cutting it short trust me. In order to apply critical thinking in every question, You still need to remember all your body of knowledge that was taught to you in 4 years and a lot of your time and dedication and discipline is needed it to accomplish that.

    So, don't take it easy but study everyday, review everyday, do questions everyday and help each other and your chances to pass this exam will be greater!!!don't hesitate to ask me any questions I will be happy to help you. Good luck to all future candidates in october!! You can do it
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am a recent nursing graduate from York University. I took the CRNE June, 2011 and I failed it. If you fail the CRNE, they will give you your score and the passing mark. I got 110 and the passing mark was 112. It sucks big time. I even did the option of having it marked manually and I still fail. And at the same time that I did that request, I registered for the October exam as well which I am confirmed that I will be writing in October 5 (I called them if they got my payment by cheque, and that's why the lady told me I am registered).

    This is my advice for the people that are writing in the October, 2011... IF you sit there and feel like you are not ready, don't do it! That's what I did. I sat there and I felt like I wasn't ready to take this exam but too ashamed to walk out and now I failed for the first time and it is the most important one. Don't be embarassed to walk out if you feel like you are not ready.

    Also, I took the two-day prep course at U of T in the first week of May and it was helpful but it wasn't enough, I think.

    I was an A student all thru nursing school but I manage to fail this exam because of poor time management and thus I was not able to do the a "do over" on my review notes.

    My mistake in studying the first time was NOT doing alot of questions enough. I brushed through reading my med-surg book and I DID NOT pay attention to the competencies which is what CRNE blueprint is (I know, stupid eh!). And I screwed up in my time management in May because of my distractions which I let it distracted me.

    I got my failed result last July 17, 2011 and I cried for a week (you have to, it'll help you move on and be ready to study again). I started studying/reviewing last week of July 2011 and I have been dedicating my studying hours about 4 hrs/day (hopefully it'll continue until the end).

    So I figured back to studying. Here's my plan for August:

    1.) Reading the competencies EVERYDAY
    2.) Read Fundamentals of Nursing
    3.) Read Mosby's comprehensive review for the CRNE together with the med-surg books & maternal-child, pharmacology, & mental health.
    4.) Read Code fo Ethics, professional Practice, Delegation, Scope of Practice...CNO documents & RNAO BPGs
    5.) I registered for the Toronto School of Health ($950) because it was highly recommended by my friends that took it and now, they ALL pass.

    My plan for September:
    2.) DO alot of q's--CNA prep guides, CNA readiness test online, Mosby prep, Lippincott's...

    Tips from my friends that passed was to do alot of q's. READ the q's carefully and really think of what it is asking. Always remember your nursing process (Assess, Plan, Implement & Evaluate). Remember the ABCs in that order. Remember your code of ethics, professional practice, safety. And when it doubt, GUESS! Don't leave anything blank. One of my professor told us that if you really don't know, pick the longest answer because it is more inclusive.

    I definitely learned from my mistake and I am determined to pass the next exam. Good luck to all of us!
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    hey, I took June 2011 and failed too and we have exactly the same story except I failed by 3 which sucks too, and we have the same kind of habits so THANK YOU FOR SHARING....I signed up for toronto school of health too just to find that they have received a stop operation order regarding their psw program from the ministry now I dont know if i should trust them

    here is the link check it out, scroll down you will see the order
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    hai m a new member .pls help me for preparing rn exam.i dont knw hw to study it

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