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I am a 2nd year nursing student in British Columbia. My concern is that so many nurses are leaving to work in the US (5,400 Ontario nurses). We are losing trained nurses and this may result in a... Read More

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    Just passed my NCLEX see you south of the border, where nurses are under appreciated but well paid. :angryfire
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    Specialty training for sure! That is why I am heading to North Carolina. To start an OR Internship with no previous OR experience. In Canada I have to go and pay for the entire OR Certificate course myself and take time off myself to do it. I am getting trained in a specialty for free, getting a sign on bonus and a relocation allowance. That is why Canadian hospitals are losing RN's.
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    Give them full time jobs, training in specialty areas and good ratios.
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    I left 12 years ago with no regrets. I'm now in a position that I could never have in Canada and enjoy it everyday.
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    Quote from lalaxton
    Just to let you all know, the Ontario government may be getting the message.
    I realize this is an outdated post. Fast forward six years later and they still don't "get the message" Maybe they will never get it.
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    AND yes, it is an old post, AND STILL THE GOV'T DOESN'T GET IT..... AND IT IS HORRIBLE TO TRY TO GROW AS A NURSE.... IN SOUTHERN ONT....and now I am back on a mission..... working very hard to find a way.... get my RN.. either here or Buffalo, and would consider AD if it gets me started, and although couldn't work here, be very happy to have real work again...... brain and hands on..... so many of our hospitals are being closed, or cut, or made into long term care, there wouldn't be a hospital very close to us now...unless I went through U.S. anyway..... goodness our health care is a mess ! but I am going to do it, kids are grown, moneys tight, but it will be worth it.
    Anyone know of an articulation program in the Buffalo area, like the one in MI/Sarnia ?[/quote]
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    Thank you for your recent responses, I have an ON license, but no job offers. I think it might be best to stay right here.
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    Fast forward 2 more years! What are the US prospects like now?
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    No better.
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    I disagree, I think the nursing jobs here, in the US are opening up from what they were. As for me I was offered an Analyst job in northern ON about 4 hours north of TO. Turned it down for now, but will reconsider in November.
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    Maybe but still there are lots and lots of US nurses struggling to find work
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    What's a "nursers"????