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Hi Everyone!The reason I am strarting this topic is because i am so confused with the "reciprocity" (if it even exists) process of Candian RNs moving from one jurisdiction to another. To start with,... Read More

  1. by   iheartcanucks2012
    Hi GlobalRN, so what happened with your case? Is it still in the process?
  2. by   RN_Canada
    I am outraged at what you have described.

    If you have passed the CRNE and obtained a nursing license in BC this should be recognized in Alberta.

    If your husband is working there and has relocated I would contact his MLA for some help with this.

    It is not acceptable - CARNA cannot just take who they want to take, they have to accept your application just as they would have to accept mine.
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  3. by   dishes
    I agree with RN_Canada about contacting the MLA in Alberta for advice, it seems like CARNA is violating the Labour Mobility Act.
  4. by   Fiona59
    I was under the impression that each province evaluated an IENs application every time they relocated within Canada.

    I know that BC wouldn't give me a full practice permit until I took a course (for a skill that I wasn't permitted to use!) despite having been educated in Alberta and having worked for three years in a specialiezed Acute Care Hospital.

    I also thought it was a violation of my right to work anywhere in Canada but it all boils down to "protecting the public"
  5. by   dishes
    There were amendments made to the Labour Mobility Act in 2009, did BC require the extra course before that time?
    I think the practice of each province evaluating an IENs application every time they relocate in Canada, has stopped in some of the provinces, because they have been changing their practices to comply with the labour mobility and fair access to regulated practice acts.
  6. by   iheartcanucks2012
    RN_Canada, Dishes

    I will write the MLA for advice. I have never heard of the Labour Mobility Act, I will try to read more about it. Thanks for bringing it up to my attention.
  7. by   iheartcanucks2012

    hey guys, so i already wrote a letter to our mla but i haven't heard back from him yet.

    i am now considering of applying for registration with srna. i believe there are under served rural communities of sk near the ab border, i wouldnt mind commuting if i get a job there (fingers crossed). i inquired about it and mentioned my situation and here is the response:

    [color=#454545]thank you for your email. since you are licensed as an rn with bc you would be required to apply through us as a canadian rn. in regards to your hours you can count your hours from a different country as long as they were approved rn hours and the position required an rn and they are within the last 5 years.

  8. by   imanurs03
    Quote from iheartcanucks2012
    Hi Everyone!The reason I am strarting this topic is because i am so confused with the "reciprocity" (if it even exists) process of Candian RNs moving from one jurisdiction to another. To start with, let me tell you a lil something about my self. I am an IEN and obtained my Full Practising RN license in Vancouver. I went through all the IEN assessments, had SEC, took some courses as a result of the assessment and passed CRNE. I finished 250 supervised RN hours and was employed oncall on one of the private facility/ care home in the Lower Mainland. Family recently moved to Alberta for work, (obviously it's not me) hence i applied with CARNA. I got confused whether i should apply as a CANADIAN RN or use the IEN application. I have read that one of the reqts to apply as Canadian RN is that you must have worked 1125 hours as RN or must have graduated in a Canadian school. My question is-- does the 1125 hrs meant 1125 CANADIAN RN HOURs or doesnt matter where you practised your RN as long as you can come up with the hours.
    Wow, I'm reading your post and I'm feeling deja vu. I'm working on my registration with CARNA as an IEN as well. My family and I will be moving to Alberta from BC in a couple of months. Goodluck to you and me =)
  9. by   iheartcanucks2012
    Hi imanurs03Did you start the process with CARNA already? How many hours have you worked back in BC? Goodluck!
  10. by   imanurs03
    I applied for registration with CARNA in 2009, but my application lapsed. I thought we were staying in BC for good and that's why I didn't pursue it anymore, but I have to re-apply all over again. I'm employed as casual and have only worked a little over 200 hours. I hope all goes well =)
  11. by   imanurs03
    Hey iheartcanucks how's your application going?
  12. by   iheartcanucks2012
    hi imanurs03

    sorry for the late reply.

    I decided not to go thru with my application for now. I just had my baby a couple of months ago and I want to focus on her for now. I actually applied for postings in SK and Golden, BC. I got calls from SK but had to decline for now. I thought my mom would be here last month but there has been some delays with her visa application so I can't really work til she gets here.

    Are you in AB already? Please keep me posted re: your CARNA application.

  13. by   imanurs03
    Congratulations! I applied to CARNA as an IEN, but I received an email from them that I am eligible to apply as Canadian RN with my experience from the U.S. =) So, I did and I'm still waiting for a reply. My family and I are moving to St. Paul sometime in July. Goodluck to you!