Any home care PSWs around?

  1. Hi

    I know thisis a forum for nurses, but I have seen a few support workers around on other posts.

    I am waiting for CNO to work through my application for eligibility to sit the CRNE. In the mean time, I have secured work as a PSW in home care.

    I just wated to see the pay and conditions are being offered in home health care.

    I receive a low hourly rate, and they pay travel time between clients. My clients are separated by 15 minute windows to allow travel. The travel time is taken from google maps - so if that says 7 mins, that is what you are paid for - does not take into account traffic, weather conditions etc. I have just found out that they dont pay mileage! So I use my own fuel to travel from client to client. Is this how it usually is? I know that we should not be paid for mileage and travel time to the first clients house, but surely mileage expenses should be paid for work travel?

    As i am new to canada, I am not sure if this is the norm - so thought I would ask on here...... Would love to compare notes with other home care workers.

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  3. by   loriangel14
    I am an RPN but I did home care in Ontario for 8 years before that.I know that different agencies have different pay structures.The agency I worked for paid the time in between each client but we had to keep track of it and submit it monthly.It was pretty good because if the weather was bad or traffic was heavy you were compensated.Because I was using my car to travel for work I was able to write off gas and repair expenses when I did my taxes.

    Each agency operates differently. The one I worked had you submit your availability and they scheduled you accordingly.I started off making about $10 and when I left (6 years ago) I was making $18.The hospital I work at now pays their PSWs around $25.But they do work their butts off.
  4. by   Mewsin
    Our CCAs that work in home care are paid the same as we're paid ($19.87 starting), they use their own vehicles but they are paid mileage.
  5. by   flyingchange
    The company I work for does not pay mileage, generally. I am paid mileage because I am in a branch funded by pharmaceutical companies.
  6. by   caleo
    Hmmm - I feel pretty much like I am being ripped off. I travelled 100km between clients over 4 days which is a fair nit if not being covered for gas - never mind wear and tear on my car! The hourly rate is under $14 too. We are given specific days off, and HAVE to be available on our working days, even though they may only have a few hours work - so have to wait around in case they have any work suddenly come up.
    I have tried to get PSW work in hospitals, but in Ontario, they require a PSW certificate

    Thanks for your input
  7. by   witness2012
    Just because u have some experience , try other agencies . If you are in ontario you have good news )) I know other agencies you can claim anything . I have heard some nurses claim for nursing uniforms , sthetes scopes , Bp machienes , gas , books , and hahaha sometimes foodd!!

    Check this out .

    Good luck to you .
  8. by   loriangel14
    Oh yes I used to write off my food if I stopped for lunch while on the road.