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I am subscribed to AHS and there seems to be more LPN jobs.. Just wondering how goes the job situation in alberta. I know last year they were posting but no one knew if they were really hiring (or... Read More

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    Fort Mac does quality for northern allowance.. about twice as much as here which isn't a lot but i don't even figure it into my income at all..

    I looked at Athabasca as well since i am enrolled in Athabasca's LPN to BScN program now.. but basically open to all towns and cities..

    I wish i was younger, no kid, and i could just move to AB and start new.. however, i am a responsible adult.. lol...
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    Often working casual somewhere like Ft Mac would mean an average of 7 or more shifts a month. They don't have a lot of nurses up there. When I moved out here, I came for a .8. The first year I worked full time, and I could have worked even more if I was so inclined. As Fiona says, most AHS postings are casual or part time, but don't let that discourage you. The hours are available.
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    I think i will start applying in a bit (need to revamp my resume)... Hopefully i will get good news