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I am subscribed to AHS and there seems to be more LPN jobs.. Just wondering how goes the job situation in alberta. I know last year they were posting but no one knew if they were really hiring (or... Read More

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    One thing that helps me focus my abilities and think in terms of the attributes managers want is to look through the job postings I'm interested in. I read through them and ask myself if I have at least some the skills/ knowledge listed there. If you've been nursing for 4 years, you know more than you think.
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    Why not come to Fort McMurray? I moved here about a year ago and finished school in May (LPN), then was hired onto the Medicine unit here full time. We get northern living allowance, rent is not bad depends on what you are looking for, and if your hubby can find a job here you're golden. There is also a college here that offers a collaborative B. ScN through the U of A if you want to pursue your RN as well.

    The actual town of Fort McMurray is beginning to become a lot more family focused: lots of schools going up, a giant pretty neat rec centre with waterpark, library, a few arenas, running track, indoor soccer fields, etc etc. The pay is good and for someone with experience working with the reserves, there are tons here that you can go to. We do have one hospital but it is always short due to nurses coming and going with their men, or getting pregnant and going on Mat leave, or leaving to work at site/in the community. On my floor alone I know we're looking for 3-4 LPNs as our teams are short currently.

    Definitely take a look at it. It's not a bad place to live and if you are so inclined and can tough it out, a great place to live frugally and save up to move and settle elsewhere. Feel free to ask me any questions you have.
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    I need to revamp my resume big time.. ugh... i am not good at it..
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    The ahs website only seems to have casual positions up there in fort mcmurray.. Ughh
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    Does it need to be Ft Mac? You can get an LPN job somewhere else in AB.
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    There used to be a poster from Fort Mac, "angel" something. He went there as a new grad.

    Casual is often the only way into AHS and depending upon your availability can in reality be full time work.

    I don't think Fort Mac qualifies for Northern Living allowances though.
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    Fort Mac does quality for northern allowance.. about twice as much as here which isn't a lot but i don't even figure it into my income at all..

    I looked at Athabasca as well since i am enrolled in Athabasca's LPN to BScN program now.. but basically open to all towns and cities..

    I wish i was younger, no kid, and i could just move to AB and start new.. however, i am a responsible adult.. lol...
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    Often working casual somewhere like Ft Mac would mean an average of 7 or more shifts a month. They don't have a lot of nurses up there. When I moved out here, I came for a .8. The first year I worked full time, and I could have worked even more if I was so inclined. As Fiona says, most AHS postings are casual or part time, but don't let that discourage you. The hours are available.
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    I think i will start applying in a bit (need to revamp my resume)... Hopefully i will get good news

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