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  1. hey guys,

    just wondering if someone can give me tips/advice as to how i should carry with the situation.

    I live in the GTA and the facility that I work in is unionized.

    I have this situation that has been stuck in my head for awhile now and i feel like I am not at peace and my conscience is killing me right now. And so it goes, i was giving out medications (I should have known that this client wanted to received 8pm and 10pm medications) and so I continue to give her medication at 8pm. After giving out all the clients medication, by 11ish (shift change, I was still on the floor charting). This client called the night nurse and told her she hasn't received her 10pm medication. I told the night nurse I gave it as I was thinking too much and so I spoke to the client after I've done all my chartings and she got mad at me and I didn't know what to do. I left the floor and hoping that the client will forget and so I found out yesterday I was reported by the client and now, i feel worthless of not being a nurse because of that. Idk what will happen when I work there again. I was told that her story has been told and idk when is my time up. So idk what to do now. I was told by my union rep that if they called a meeting, I should let my union rep know but then, i am not at peace when i work there. I have a heavy heart. Should i talk to my employer?

    Any advice/tips?
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Your post is not clear as to what happened. Did you omit giving the 10pm meds or did you give them all at 8pm? Was what you told the night nurse not the truth? What did you say to the client that made her mad? Did she have meds scheduled for 8 & 10 pm?
    I wouldn't worry if the client complained but you did nothing wrong.What exactly did you do? I wouldn't about it if nothing more is said.
  4. by   petethecanuck
    If you gave all the required meds (20:00 and 22:00) and properly documented as such, you have nothing to worry about re: offical recourse or disciplinary action.

    It sounds like your client forgot she took her 22:00's at 20:00 and there was a communication breakdown.
  5. by   loriangel14
    If you are accused of wrong doing and have to meet with management be sure to have your union rep go with you.