Admission requirements changes to Nursing program, Douglas College 2013 applicants

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum. I am currently completing pre-requisites for the nursing program at Douglas College in BC. I went this morning and completed the English assessment test, and thankfully I passed so I can now register for the College Level English class. I also met today with an academic advisor as I wanted to make sure I was on the right path to get accepted into the program.

    She advised me that Douglas college is revising the nursing program, so there will be no 2012 Winter intake for this program. The new program will be 3 years in lengh, however to be eligible to apply now, one must have 30 university/college credits so it's going to be quite similar to BCIT entrance requirements. They are also getting rid of the preferential admision criteria. They do have some specific credits that must be taken though(not just any 30 credits), she gave me a list of these.

    I just wanted to share this news with anyone out there that is in a similar situation like me and is working towards admission.
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  3. by   Katrin
    Thank you, Dragonflygrrl, it is very helpful. I am also finishing my prerequisites now. I hope to get into Fall 2012 intake. I applied back in August. In January I got the letter from the admissions saying that I need yo submit my volunteering hours/LOR, additional transcripts (if any), etc. They mentioned nothing, though, about any changes in admission criteria. I guess it is time to call and find out Thank you for the update and good luck!
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  4. by   pinkbubbles55
    hey guys,&nbsp;<br><br>I'm applying for the september 2012 intake at Douglas college. I am wondering if there is anybody else also applying for that intake and if you have received preferential scores yet? I just checked the website today and my score was up. I am worried it is too low though..does anybody know the average score that gets admitted into the program?&nbsp;<br>Thanks for any input!