Acceptances to Ontario Programs for Sept 2011? - page 8

Hey guys! I'm in my final year of high school, and i've applied to Ryerson, Humber, George Brown, Centennial and Mohawk for Nursing, starting in September 2011 I know its early, but i was wondering if anyone else has gotten... Read More

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    I got into Georgian College BScn Collab program for January 2012!

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    I have my pre-admissions test for humber's pre-nursing course may 30th! I'm nervous haven't done any Math or English in years and it wasn't my strong subjects, but I have a lot of A&P experience, so I'm hoping it helps a lot during school!
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    yay! I'm almost graduated and off to be a nursing student!
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    hi i got accepted in the pre-health program at Georgian, my question is is it hard how are the professors there
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    Hey guys,
    How many of you already have a full-fledged Bachelor's (I have mine from UofT) and are either starting/considering starting a collab BScN program? I don't want to feel old
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    i dont have a bachelors but i already took some time off,another program andddddd pre-health. So im turning 23 and just starting my first year. There are a bunch of other ppl in my class who are even older like 26-27 and some even older than that! So dont let age discourage you!!!

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