2010 nursing school acceptances? (ONTARIO)

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    Anyone have gotten acceptances yet?

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    I just got my acceptance letter to the Practical Nursing Program at St. Lawrence College!!!!! Very excited!!!!!
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    FIRST OF ALL CONGRATULATIONS!! and I too got my acceptance letter to BRIDGING TO UNIVERSITY PROG.(RPN to B.SC N degree)....I am also very excited!!
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    Congrats guys!
    Im still waiting replies from YorkU (2nd Entry), UT(2nd Entry), and Ryerson. This long wait is killing meeeeeeeee!
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    ALL the best!
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    It would help if everyone posted their top-6 average along with the school they got accepted to.

    I got in last year at Seneca/York - BSCN - with a ~77 avg
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    i just received my yorkU acceptance today. i had a GPA of 3.47/4 for my last 5 credits

    good luck to those who are still waiting!
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    Loyalist BSc. Nursing & Sault College Bsc. Nursing so far... I have accepted the Sault College offer! I am so excited!!!!
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    Congrats to all you guys... this is such an exciting time!! =) Best of luck to all of you waiting for a response =)

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