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A lot of threads tonight are heavy duty. I need little fluff in my diet! What are your top three worst costume to wear to work by specialty. You know the type that would send a patient running for the elevator! For... Read More

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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    I was tempted to buy scrubs that said, "Out to lunch" on them.
    I work in psych so I decided against it.

    Back on topic, I guess we have to be careful what we wear in psych.

    Maybe I could dress in a Jesus costume since half the pts think they see him anyway.
    When I worked adolescent psych, the adult staff would always have bad nights when the Jesuses or Moseses would be arguing. We decided that putting them both in the quiet room and seeing who came out on top would be fun, but not very therapeutic
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    Quote from jhanes
    A lab coat with "J. Kervorkian, MD" embroidered on it.
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    When I was in nsg school I made and wore a giant blood pressure cuff.
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    I have a set of authentic black and white striped jail scrubs that I've always been tempted to wear if I ever work on Haloween. I have the pink underwear from Sheriff Joe too. BTW, no, I didn't earn them!
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Why don't you just wear brown scrubs with a stick in the side of your head and go as a stick in the mud.
    Geeze... is there no joy in your world?
    Or he could just wear a sheet, pour a glass of water on himself, and be a wet blanket...
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    Cut an opening in a body bag for head arms, feet, and cover the outside with "Ebola virus" made out of pipe cleaners...Big Bio-hazard symbol on it.

    No, wait, the symbol's for the nights we order in mexican food, "Gas-x to ICU, STAT!"
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    nice thread happy halloween! lets all meet back here next year!
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    I have seen lab staff dressed as vampires. I was talking to one of our doctors before Halloween and he told me that he was on call for Halloween. I told him he should dress up as the grim reaper. He didn't think that was too funny, mostly because he didn't even know who the grim reaper was!
    This Halloween I wore white scrubs and bunny ears and painted my face. Good enough, I was still comfortably dressed to do patient care.

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