Top 3 worst halloween costume to wear at work. - page 3

A lot of threads tonight are heavy duty. I need little fluff in my diet! What are your top three worst costume to wear to work by specialty. You know the type that would send a patient running... Read More

  1. by   nola1202
    nice thread happy halloween! lets all meet back here next year!
  2. by   jocelynlpn
    I have seen lab staff dressed as vampires. I was talking to one of our doctors before Halloween and he told me that he was on call for Halloween. I told him he should dress up as the grim reaper. He didn't think that was too funny, mostly because he didn't even know who the grim reaper was!
    This Halloween I wore white scrubs and bunny ears and painted my face. Good enough, I was still comfortably dressed to do patient care.