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Remember when....? I remember treating pressure ulcers with Maalox and (something) and using heat lamps. I would like to see more examples.... Read More

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    Autoclaving reusable equipment at the end of the shift.
    Paraldehyde for seizures (rubber tubing and glass syringe)
    Was it Maalox and Betadine?
    Soaking oral and rectal thermometers (separately ) in antibacterial solution, and using them on whoever?
    NO gloves unless there was some hazmat situation. OR a SERIOUS code brown.
    Washing wheelchairs like a car wash in the tub room on nights
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    Quote from U2BCool
    I remember is was mandatory to wear the flying nun nursing hat. I was giving so much grief because I hated wearing it. It used to fall off into all kinds of messes, patients would pull at it and it would always get caught in the curtains.
    In LPN clinical, we had to wear the #&@%ed cap. To be properly placed, we had to thread either folded Kleenex, or a strip of cloth through the tab inside, then bobby-pin onto our scalp (OUCH!!) If needed, we could pin the back of the cap in place, too. I swear that my hair is thin on top because I had my cap grabbed and torn off so many times. (DOUBLE OUCH!!!) My classmates also went through the same torture. . . yes, the cap is an emblem of our being nurses, but the caps were a target to confused patients, too.
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    Quote from kjpstmb
    Remember when....? I remember treating pressure ulcers with Maalox and (something) and using heat lamps. I would like to see more examples.
    I remember using sugar and Betadine on decubiti, then using a hair blow-dryer on cool to promote healing, especially on decubiti of the buttocks. I also remember positioning the patient in Sim's, then using tape to hold the patient's buttocks open for this treatment.

    Also, remember when Duoderm came out?? Working in LTC, we had some pretty bony elderly ladies. I remember changing those patches on 11-7 shift, labeling them "A", "B", "C" and so on to document the stages of healing of each decubiti. The lady I'm thinking of was up to "G"!

    Before anyone comments that residents weren't on a turn schedule, believe me they were!
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    anyone remember sorbisand? or cholesteimine mixed with aquqphor? (It smelled great, like an orange and was used on pediatric diaper rash.
    I also remeber a dermatologist telling us to not bath a baby but use only cetafil on her. finally after about a month, a nurse said "I can't stand it anymore, I'm giving this kid a bath." That little one soaked and kicked and loved his bath, so much so we kept sneaking one in on night shift. The dermatologist stopped in and saw his little pt. He said to his audience of residents. "you see how much better her skin is without the bathing, just wipe down with cetaphil." He smiled benignly at the nurses and said. "They didn't believe me, but now they do.
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    We still use cholestryramine with aquaphor for diaper rash at my institution, when it is ordered for adults some of the nurses get confused, but it works wonderfully.

    I remember working as a nurse tech, and one place I worked at, on the long term care floor all pts that were incontinent got a rub down with aquaphor after pericare, they had NO incidence of incontinent dermatitis. I tried to get that ordered at my hospital, but could never find the EBP documentation to back me up to cover the cost.
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    Sorbisan,,,,that's that white, thin porous stuff made with a seaweed base?
    When I was in Home Health, the co. rep came to demo Sorbisan for us so we could request orders from the doc. The thing we remembered most from the presentation was when he was talking about it's natural absorbant qualities and that it could also break down and dissolve....and he opened up a fresh package, tore a piece off ...and plopped it in his MOUTH! We all went "EEUUUWWWWW!!!" Being nurses we were thinking of it on wet wounds and were not prepared to think of it as edible!!!
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    adjusting insulin based on urine glucose dips

    glass bottles for a closed system chest tube setup, under the bed

    incentive spirometer on a rolling stand, each pt got their own mouthpiece. Had a clown on the front, you had to get the level to rise up to and past his coat buttons, on an adult floor.

    hopper to clean metal bedpans

    police prisoners chained to the bed, with no guard present

    Pink Ladies going around every day to collect the TV fees; only turn on for free for everyone during Bronco games

    Restricted visiting hours that were enforced! No babies or little kids!
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    Yes to all of that!
    And no dispoable kits for anything!
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