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What are your nursing superstitions? Here are a few of mine... - I become paranoid if, during report, someone explicitly states a pt is a "full code" (we don't normally note code status unless a... Read More

  1. by   princess007
    yes i hate full moons too.this one is very true.
    and every time we call 51/50 code on a patient for hitting other patient and when the emt comes to get the patient that patient is like the sweetest and quietest patient in whole facility and they ll look at us like we

    And dont you just hate it when you are almost done with your shift and looking at the clock with a smile the next second you ll hear one of your resident had a fall or some other kind of emergency.....
  2. by   RockNess
    Nursing Superstitions 101

    Never say....
    The Q,S,E or B word (Quiet, Slow, Bored)
    The A word (Admission)
    The Full first or last name of a Frequent Flyer's name
    ......................You will regret it.

    Place a Foley kit out of sight outside the door of a retaining patient's room. They will pee.

    Never read obituaries at work...... within 24 hours you will be providing the papers with another obituary subject.

    FULL MOONS SUCK!!!!! Ditto for the day after holidays.......request them off if you can.

    The 3 theory was just renamed the 3 LAW!!!!

    Never tell a confused, combative or vindictive pt to stay out of trouble or be good. Its just laughable.

    If a doctor or nursing supervisor happens to cruise by you unit.......LOOK BUSY!!! Or you WILL regret it.

    Patient observed talking to people that aren't visible to the rest of us should be watched closely. They are either severely disoriented or getting ready to discharge themselves to the great retirement community in the sky.

    If the previous shift says that they had a wonderful/easy/mellow day or group, prepare yourself. Put on you running shoes, athletic support garment, and possibly some water are in for a rough shift.
  3. by   GiantJerk
    I learned the hard way not to say the "Q" word.
    For some reason, when I'm on my way up to the floor, I have to press one specific elevator button, or I feel like something bad will happen.
    Lately I've stopped putting my stethoscope down... if I put it away then I'll get an admit or one of my patients will have respiratory issues.
  4. by   Gold_SJ
    Here we certainly avoid the 'Q' word and some poor people have been told off severly by breaking this unwritten rule. (Generally newcomers by the more blunt personalities who've been around for a while).

    I've always believed the full moon does something. Odd behaviour comes out everywhere, logically I suppose if the moon can affect our tides who knows what it can do to the body and brain.

    Here if Emergency ring up with an admission and you prepare the area, pull down the covers and then Emergency ring up and cancel it. You leave the room prepared under this superstition that if you don't admits will flood in.

    The knot is fascinating I've never heard of it before, same with opening the window.

    I don't know if it's a superstition XD but was taught pillow covers have to open facing away from the doorway. So I'm padentic on beds, like it'll cause bad luck or something. Which I know is ridiculous. Apparently back in the war days it was common in military nursing so that dust/dirt never got into the pillow through the door/tent opening. So it's a completely unecessary action *sighs* yet I still do it, kinda sad.

    Hope to see more. it's really interesting to read ^.^
  5. by   CamillusRN
    Looks like I'm late to the party!

    - Our unit's #3 keys are cursed. Bad juju all around.
    - "Train wreck" is a very dangerous phrase. The past two times these words were uttered, we had literal train wrecks come in within hours (train vs pickup and train vs semi).
    - "Quiet," "Bored," and "Slow." Say any of those during my shift and I cast my stinkeye upon you!
    - Referring to a previously discharged patient will bring them back for admission within days. Has never failed to date.
  6. by   heron
    Quote from murphyle
    The bit about the full moon is also far truer than any superstition has a right to be. Has anyone ever actually done a study on ED volumes and acuity r/t moon phases?
    Yup ... no correlation found. I'm sure someone can post the link, eventually.
  7. by   annietart
    I work ICU and the last time I said it was quiet at work I ended up having to land a txf from PCU who rolled thru the door in Vfib with a belly full of peritoneal dialysate. Nope. Not saying it again. Luckily they had already been tubed and the intensivist was on the floor.
  8. by   Mavrick
    We've apparently revived this party, so I'm joining in.

    NEVER say out loud:

    "I'm starting my vacation tomorrow, so I'd like to leave early if it works out" It NEVER works out. In fact I usually end up staying late to finish up the last case.

    "Yeah, I can do that thing with you tomorrow, if I don't get called in" I get called at 0300, the case doesn't come out til 0430. There's no bed until day shift gets there at 0700. I end up getting home at 0900 about the time I would be doing the thing with you!

    "She'll be fine" Sweetest Little ol' Lady with a broken hip, wakes up a holy hell-raiser trying to get off the stretcher, scratching when you get anywhere near her headed for the bathroom while pulling on the foley.
  9. by   schavis
    The full moon theory is fascinating, seems to be something to it.
  10. by   Jmarty31
    Don't ask for interesting...within minutes we had about 5 in
    q word s word b word is banned
    I thought to myself the b word and whatdyaknow.... Psych case comes in