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random question, thought it would be fun since i'm a n00b to this site: any nurses here dating another nurse? if so, are you happy or finding it frustrating at times? if not, would you?... Read More

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    Quote from TNgirl2010
    Very interesting topic, I work with a few nurses that are dating/married to other nurses and seem very happy. My husband is of a military background and is about to start a career in law enforcement, so we have totally different work experiences. Personally I like us being different, I respect what he does and he respects what I do. I can definitely see the benefits of being with someone who totally "gets it" as far as what we nurses go through, I can't say that my husband gets it at all! I used to get mad when I would vent to him about my horrible nights thanks to staffing nightmares, crashing pts, whatever while he would stare at me blankly and be like, "uh huh, ok, what are you talking about?" Ha ha. I have learned to vent to my nurse friends who understand. I do like to freak him out with disgusting nurse tales though!
    He will learn. I'm married to a cop, and even though I have to explain some things, he gets my joys and my disappointments. One day at work he held on to a teen who was trying to jump off a bridge, held her there till the fire department got there. The next day I flexed my NRP skills on a premie crash section, and it worked! Baby was stabilized and sent to a NICU. After sharing our stories he smiled and said "Looks like we were both heroes this week!" He'll get it!
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    Agreed! I don't see myself dating/marrying someone outside of the healthcare/nursing/medical field... ?It's so much harder for people outside of that field to really understand us!!
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    I'm currently dating an EMT. It's nice being able to vent about work and for him to get it. Same thing when he had a bad night. We both work nights and relatively have the same schedule. The nights where one works and the other is off is nice. A little me time.
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    Why not? It would be nice to vent to someone about work over dinner without grossing them out! ( like I do to my husband of 13 years all the time!) haha
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    My wife would not approve of me dating nurses!

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    I don't see it working out. If we ever had kids, my partner would be stuck doing the ADLS.
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