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(After just changing from a floor nurse to a desk nurse) a Dr. came in and was sitting in front of the charts going through hospital records. "Nurse, do we have a staple remover?" I quickly handled him the paper staple remover... Read More

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    Quote from Jenni811
    ... He was very very obese man. He had a very large pannus that I think hung to his knees. ...
    Not being a health professional myself, I was unfamiliar with this term. From context, I guessed it was something I have myself, but just to be sure, I called up a dictionary definition on my browser. I was a bit surprised when the only definition I found was
    pannus [ˈpænəs]n (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Veterinary Science) an inflammatory fleshy lesion on the surface of the eye[from Latin, literally cloth]
    But it gets worse. The dictionary website also gives usage of the word, and one of the examples for this (the only one that didn't refer to the eye condition) describes "stomach pannus" as
    Excess skin hanging down over the public region...

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    Quote from OwenKL
    I guess that would depend on whether you were a stripper/hooker or not!
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    Quote from brillohead
    I guess that would depend on whether you were a stripper/hooker or not!
    I don't think I'd like to see a stripper with a hanging pannus!
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    Quote from Jenni811
    I was working a night shift and a patient of ours was getting an art line placed. He was very very obese man. He had a very large pannus that i think hung to his knees. So the attending came in and was telling me "Dr. ____ is going to do the art line. this is his first one" (patient is sedated and on a vent so he didnt hear that). The dr. was just letting me know since "nurses know all" in the room its me, the attending and the resident.
    The resident and the attending decided they wanted to do femoral. im sitting here thinking its not the best idea because of his very large panus (hard to keep clean, not to mention difficult to insert).
    So keep in mind that i'm very small, im 23 years old, 5'2 and 115 lbs. And these 2 doctors are both over 6 ft tall. So of course they adjust the bed to their height.

    I'm all gowned up, and there for when they need their tools or an extra hand. Then i see they are having difficulty getting it in because of his pannus. So i go over stick my arms under the sterile drape and hold his pannus back thinking it would be only a couple minutes. NOPE!!!!! it was 30 minutes later and im still holding this giant mans pannus, my back is killing me since im not in the best position and another 20 minutes go by and resident finally gets it in.

    The next day when i worked a night shift the Resident brought me some cookies for holding a giant pannus
    Oh wow, does this bring back a memorial event on clinicals! We had a student in our class who had recently come to the US from Russia. We had an obese patient with extensive ulcerations on his legs and abdomen. The Doc came in on rounds with his team to show them the ulcerations, and asked our Russian student to "hold up his pannus" so the team could evaluate the wounds. Without a moment of hesitation, our student groped UNDER the pannus, and proclaimed " I got it, Doctor!" Needless to say, she didn't have a hand on the patient's pannus, but the patient looked happy nonetheless! The look on the Doc's face was priceless!
    (However, as the nurse was fluent in 4 languages, our instructor did cut her some slack...)
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    My mother used to be a scrub nurse in L&D back when most of the patients had the scopalamine "twilight sleep" treatment. This particular night I was the circulator(yes, we actually had TWO nurses for normal deliveries, not just c-sections ) The OB was a rather snotty, demanding man and he wanted his instruments to come fast. My mother anticipated his every move, right up to the point where she put her cord clamp in her mouth like she was holding a diaper pin. I got her a new cord clamp and she had to hold that "diaper pin" in her mouth for the rest of the delivery because she couldn't risk contaminating everything by spitting it out.
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