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New EMS Rescue Tool

  1. 2 Since I started as a pre-hospital care giver before moving on to the ED, I couldn't help but get a kick out of this:

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    Those scissors are listed by Hach Company as Clippers (Shears) for $15.45. I use them to open powder pillows. Since they are included in a picture of extraction tools, I guess they must be sturdy enough to cut seat belts.
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    Quote from mshultz
    those scissors are listed by hach company as clippers (shears) for $15.45. i use them to open powder pillows. since they are included in a picture of extraction tools, i guess they must be sturdy enough to cut seat belts.
    lol, i think the thing was only meant to be a spoof...

    but seriously, emt shears will cut through seat belts (and pennies too, but will dull rather fast), but from what i understand, the benchmade model 7 is taking the pre-hospital scene by storm. it supposedly was used extensively in the us military emergency medical setting.
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    the model 7 is an excellent tool. as a current pre-hospital care provider, i can say everyone has their own tool that they prefer. some of my guys carry a knife in their gear that they like, some use the swiss army rescue tool. i have the model 7 in one of my sets of gear. the other i have a regular drag cutter based on the model 7 but no where near the durability of the 7. i have never come close to catching a pt with it even though the blade is more open than others
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    :lol_hitti That is hysterical. I'm forwarding that to my crew...
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    I think we all need to take the associated educational inservice which better explains and demosntrates how this equipment should be used exactly.

    When is tee off ..ahem .. I mean, when does this educational forum start?

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