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my pet peeves... here are some of my pet peeves and some of my staff as well, trust me they got into it and so it goes... why people stand right on the exit of any given hallway and carry... Read More

  1. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from nayrn
    or the urinals sitting on the bedside table next to the dinner tray. i know, some guys like them there, but have you ever had a confused little old man mistake it for their water? i've caught a couple of near misses, and i wonder how many i haven't caught. eeww! apologies i just couldn't help lol....since i been a witness to this in the past...
  2. by   Kittypower123
    Mother's Day in LTC - all the ladies have their children visit (of course their last visit was last mother's day). The visiting children somehow expect me to be able to magically know which resident is their mother (with Mom nowhere in sight) and want to complain about whatever they think is not perfect or wonder why Mom isn't exactly the same as she was the previous year. Gotta love guilt!
  3. by   jamie.glaze
    Love them all so far! As a GN I have some interesting ones... mainly centered around those who make the rest of us look bad

    - Other GNs who don't know what to do when they don't know
    - Those who don't at least attempt to stay abreast of medication changes and issues (ISMP puts out a wonderful newsletter monthly)
    - Experienced nurses who think if you have seen one GN work, you have seen them all
    - IV starts without gloves
    - Nurses/Doctors that don't wash their hands because "they didn't touch the patient" NO, but you touched other stuff in their general vicinity that could be crawling with their little buggies (gasp! shock! horror!)
    - Being that student that has to tell the "I've been a nurse for 15 years" nurse going off shift and giving report to your preceptor that they are wrong - it's the left foot not the right that is broken (hence the cast genius) and that YES the patient's Churg-Strauss Syndrome IS in fact related to their asthma even if you "don't think that has anything to do with it"
    - When preceptors would point the (primary) BSN students in my (ADN student) direction to explain the diagnosis because "[I] attend[ed] *such and such school*" and they required that we give report and be ready to answer to our instructor before we begin our day on what patients we are taking - but the BSN student will get a job at that hospital before I do
    - Non-motivated people who find it easy to sit at the nurses station... all day only answering call lights and handing out meds
    - People who don't understand kinesthetic learners - I must manipulate it or handle it to learn it
    - Hiring managers who assume that because i haven't worked for the last 5 years, I have just been sitting on my butt eating oreos
    - It's not what you know it's who you know and unless you know someone forget even getting a chance to show what you know.
    - Nurses who think they are too good to empty a bedpan and will call a tech to the room to do it.. - YOU'RE RIGHT THERE!!!
    - The "A"student in med/surg rounds who brought me PCA tubing when I was helping her prepare for IV piggyback check-off and couldn't figure out why I was looking at her confused, then a week later kicked a morphine vial all the way down the hall without even noticing it, but I got a "B" because I turned in a Geriatrics informative paper 1 day late (don't get me started on how non-clinical related papers should have nothing to do with CLINICAL grades - put that on the theory side)
    - My ex-husband, who left me the first day of nursing school with no job, two kids, no child support, and a mortgage
  4. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from jamie.glaze
    love them all so far! as a gn

    - my ex-husband, who left me the first day of nursing school with no job, two kids, no child support, and a mortgage
    i had to reply on account of the above mentioned, my hat goes off to you for moving forward with you goal, which i have no doubt that you will conquer all the obstacles that now stand before you, and you shall come out triumphant when it said and done.... sending you a warm hug from across the miles....aloha~
  5. by   GitanoRN
    i just added another to my pet peeves list... those individuals that cut you off on the freeway or street for that matter, and then proceed to drive slower.... what's up with that?
  6. by   Kittypower123
    Nurses who don't reorder meds (I work in LTC) or who put the Advair diskus back in the cart without closing it (causing me to reach in and grab the mouthpiece - ewww!). 6-2 nurses who leave the labs that came it at noon for me to deal with.
  7. by   jamie.glaze
    I need to add one too - people who call me and say "I have a cold. What do you think I should do for it?" then I respond. "Let it run it's course. Lots of clear fluids." They come back with " Well I have some left over *insert erroneous antibiotic*, can't I just take that??"

    NO dumb dumb!!!
  8. by   R!XTER
    Quote from NO50FRANNY
    -Nurses who yell at patients to RELAX!
    -Patients who fart loudly and don't excuse themselves.
    -Doctors who speak to patients as if they are stupid, make them cry, then I have to fix it.
    -My blood literally boils with the loose / lose thing.
    -The term "haters".
    -"Oh, you have terrible veins" (um bugger you!).
    -I want a specialist admission for my elderly relative for a non-urgent problem on Christmas day at 930pm because I don't want to look after them over the holidays. When told a specialist review is unlikely we demand to know why.
    -In the time it took you to ask me to do the blood sugar on the patient 3 times, while I was sucking clots from another patients indwelling urinary catheter, you really could have done it yourself.
    -I don't know where the chart is any better than you do doc so just look for it yourself and stop throwing a tantrum.
    -Knowing that the paper hand towel dispenser is on its' last sheet and tearing it off just before so you don't have to change it.
    -Medical students who don't identify themselves as students to the patient, then proceed to attempt cannulation without obtaining informed consent or supervision.
    -Performing an in / out catheter to obtain a urine specimen on an elderly patient without attempting toileting first, because it's quicker.
    -Massive guage cannula discovered in intoxicated patient's arm without reasonable clinical indication for insertion.
    -"Because the doctor told me to".
    -Do-Gooders who ring ambulances for idiots.
    -Friends of drunk patients who are in an acute observation area of an emergency department and think it's funny.
    -Couple sharing a stretcher.
    -Doctors and nurses who eat and or drink in front of fasting patients.
    -Rigid C-collar on any patient over 85 without obvious injury.
    -Radar vital signs.
    -Over-investigation for clearly psychogenic problems.

    Last but not least "I'm just a nurse"........
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  9. by   malamud69
    People that smoke(nurses/cna/docs) by the only employee entrance so everybody has to breath that death in when they are going in and out of that entrance. When it is clearly stated that either 1. It is a non-smoking campus or 2. The designated smoking area is 200 feet away...oh yeah..I forgot most smokers are lazy and unhealthy to begin with why would they "walk" to go smoke and misery loves company. I can say all of this with impunity I smoked for years and quit over 10 years ago. It is a bad "choice" like any other "addiction" boo hoo.
  10. by   Gypsy_Nurse
    Ugh, constantly "she is alert and orientated." Or, a friend calls you up "my kid is throwing up/feels sick/has this bump on her hand what should I do" um.....#1 I'm not a peds nurse, #2 I don't have kids, #3 you have kids and have had them for years I believe you have ran into that situation no less than 50 times, perhaps you should do what you did last time?!?
  11. by   CrunchRN
    People who talk on cell phones when the cashier is ringing up their purchase. So rude!
  12. by   RedhairedNurse2Be
    Another thing I hate is people who use the wrong tense of words. For example, I was watching Lizard Lick Towing last night for the first time, and the repo guy said," that house looks like it is habated". I had to change the channel because I felt my brain cells dying a slow painful death. No offense to anyone who loves that show, but I hear people all day use the wrong words, and after awhile it gets under your skin.