My best orientation mistakes - page 7

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I am week 4 in a 6 week orientation as a new RN in LTC/Rehab. I have done some really stupid stuff so far :lol2: Highlights: 10)__ Tried to hook up an IV antibiotic with kangaroo (g-tube) tubing! 9)__ Unhooked a... Read More

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    Just a few months off orientation myself and I still feel pretty stupid at times. Just the other day I forgot the clamp the pt's NG suction after I gave him meds I also learned the hard way that once you spike a bag, you cant unspike it...vancomycin is very sticky! lol
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    Many moons ago... I recall one of several mistakes during my first orientation week however, one memory stands out from the rest and it goes as follows. Having said that, I'm in my all white starched uniform as my preceptor is instructing me on how to change a colostomy bag, then she wants me to perform the task on another pt. everything went right until the pt. himself said "You did just right, it's well secure" as he slapped the colostomy bag and the feces landed all over my pants and shinny shoes Needless to say, from there on I double check any clamp on colostomy pts.