Medical Dictionary

  1. BARIUM-What you do when the patient dies.
    URINE-The opposite of "You're out!"
    CAUTERIZE-Made eye contact with her.
    OVA-Finished, done with it.
    SPERM- To reject, look away from.
    DILATE-To live a long time.
    ENEMA-Opposite of a friend.
    NODE-Was aware of.
    WHITE COUNT- The number of caucasians.
    HERNIA FIBRILLATE- Pertaining to a female's knee.
    D&C-Where Washington is.
    BUNION-Paul's surname.
    RECTUM-Dang near killed him.
    PARADOX-Two doctors.
    CORONARY-Domesticated yellow bird.
    CONSTIPATION-Endangered feces.
    PENIS-Someone who plays the piano.
    HUMERUS-To tell us what we want to hear.
    INTESTINE-Currently taking an exam.
    OUTPATIENT-A person who has fainted.
    PPAP SMEAR-To slander your father.
    PELVIS-The evil twin of Elvis.
    SEIZURE-Roman emperor.
    CAT SCAN-When the Secret Service looks for Socks.
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