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    9 out of 10 I missed the one about 5 years.

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    7 out of 10 - I too have never worn a cap
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    9 out of 10: the black band question got me
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    The answer key is wrong. They should have asked a nurse who remembers when the cap was something you worked hard for and were proud of to write the quiz. I still wear my cap with the same pride as the day I earned it. To me it is a symbol of hard work and determination, not as a symbol of servitude to anyone or anything. For all of you researchers out there, I'm a primary source!
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    10/10. Wore a cap all the way through school and daily on my first nursing job out of school. Then moved to psych and have worked in street clothes most of my career, so it hasn't really been an issue. Still wear my cap on the rare occasions when I'm in "whites," and would have no problem wearing it daily if I worked in a position that called for uniforms. Don't understand why so many individuals in nursing are now so negative/dismissive about caps.
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    10/10, never wore a cap, and guessed on the majority of the questions. I HAVE always been a good test-taker=P

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