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    Oops. I meant to post this in the humor section....I must be getting older
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    Just for least they aren't all true..yet

    Have you celebrated your 25th birthday for the last ten years? Twenty? Here are some signs that maybe, just maybe, you might be getting a little older.

    1. You walk into a room and forget why youíre there. Repeat four times
    before realizing you just wanted a drink of water.

    2. Youíre asleep, but otherís worry youíre dead.

    3. Your friend is dating someone more than half their age, and isnít
    breaking any laws.

    4. People call you at 8pm and ask, ďDid I wake you?Ē They did.

    5. Happy hour is a nap.

    6. You have a party and your neighbors donít even realize it.

    7. You have more hair in your ears than on your head. And you donít care.

    8. It takes three tries to get up from the couch.

    9. It takes longer to rest than it did to get tired.

    10. You sink your teeth into a grilled cheese. They stay there.

    11. The twinkle in your eye is just the reflection of the sun on your

    12. You canít remember where you put youíre glasses.

    13. An hour later you remember youíre wearing your glasses.

    14. You sit in a rocking chair, but you canít get it going.

    15. Youíre secrets are always safe with your friends because they canít
    remember them.

    16. You donít worry about tying shoelaces. All your shoes are slip-ons.

    17. Adult diapers? Actually, theyíre kind of convenient.

    18. You look both ways before crossing a room.

    19. Your worst enemy? Gravity.

    20. You see toys from your childhood. In a museum.

    21. Your knees buckle. Your belt wonít.

    22. You start every sentence with ďNowadaysÖĒ or ďWhen I was your ageÖĒ

    23. Someone says itís windy today, and you reply, ďNo, itís Thursday.Ē

    24. You pet your cat on the bathroom counter. Itís really your toupee.

    25. You get winded on the stairs. Going down.

    There are many perks to getting older. Such as closer parking, discounts and the fact that you're least likely to get kidnapped.
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    26. You wonder when they started letting elementary school kids become doctors.

    27. You have ever used the word "whippersnapper".

    28. You realize you can't find some of your favorite magazines on the racks any more: Colliers, Coronet, Life, Look, Galaxy...

    29. People start letting you go through doors first.

    30. You no longer have to worry about strange men offering you candy. Or wine.

    31. You know the difference between your and you're; its and it's; there, they're and their; and are annoyed when you notice them misused.

    32. You have ever referred to yourself using a 'C' word: Crotchety, Curmudgeon, Codger, Coot.

    33. Other people have begun referring to you as "eccentric".
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    34. You stand in line at the beer/liquor store with a cart load of adult beverages and you don't get asked for ID....they ask if you need help loading your purchase into your car.