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I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name... Read More

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    Quote from beckster_01
    I use saline flushes as eyedrops sometimes
    ME TOO!!!
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    Quote from pielęgniarka
    I admire veins on people, it's true. Sometimes when my husband and I are sitting around I'll just feel the ones on his arm. He'll tell me to stop because I'm creeping him out. But I would love to start an IV on him. Great veins!!!!
    LOL I've done the same thing many many times.... my husband has some great veins!

    I must admit I sneak peeks at people in public also (usually men!). We have been in the grocery store more than once when I've seen my husband barely glance at a cute girl walking by while I stare and drool at the guy in line behind me while whispering to my husband "...just LOOK at those veins!"
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    when i sleep,i have to be on my left side......
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    Another one guilty of the "catch myself before signing RN (or worse, RN-evening supervisor)" on kids' permission slips, checks, etc

    Became so fond of my cargo style scrubs, started wearing only cargo style pants at home; and then doing the "pat down" searching for pens, scissors, etc at the store or wherever.

    Depending on how tired I am, there can be up to a five second pause when answering the phone while reorienting myself to if I'm at home or work

    Knock on doors before entering rooms

    Tell the kids "if there's no bones showing or blood gushing, you'll be fine"

    Fell asleep at the dentist's once, and they were so sweet they let me nap for 30 min!
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    Quote from manjaNurse
    When my infant had his routine immunisation injection, I was holding him and explaining to him what the nurse is doing and what will happen next. The nurse looked at me and asked, 'Are you a nurse too? I've never heard any parent explaining an injection'.
    OMG, I did the same thing! It never occurred to me why the office nurse looked at me so weird! I thought every mom explained what was going to happen to their kids :smackingf
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    Vein stalker, random pulse checker, "RN" signer, "4west, this is" home phone answerer, Wal-Mart diagnostician, TV-show CPR critic, neurotic documenter, five-star first aid kit technician, phantom vent alarm searcher . . . . yep, all guilty as charged.

    12 yrs of nursing has taught me many things, the most important being I don't know everything but I can always learn. The second is that you are always a nurse no matter where you are or what you are doing. Thanks to all those who proudly wear the mantle of Nurse.
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    Every time I leave a room I reach my hand up to get hand sanitizer...even though there isn't usually any there...I've jammed a few fingers doing it actually.
    My husband is constantly creeped out because I just stare at his veins, and I palpate them constantly. I also sign my name with my first initial, Last name, RN on checks and stuff.
    I am always putting pens into invisible pockets because I think I am still wearing a scrub top, and I do the pat down to figure out where I have put things even though I am wearing street clothes.
    I knock on every door before I open it...even the closet door.
    I answer my phone with my hospital greeting sometimes.
    I tried to elevate the head of my bed when my husband was sick and couldn't breath well.
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    I'm guessing the vein thing isn't so unusual after all, to non medical people anyway. I. Notice the veins in everyone, before even their face. On tv also. I have been seeing a lot of shows lately with big forehead veins and will say " I wonder if I could get an IV in that sucker."

    Today I finally answered my phone wrong saying "peds this is Vida" and I get so mad watching anything medical anymore but still watch, I annoy my family by saying all the things wrong. In fact it's watching these shows I feel super smart.
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    The open end of the pillowcase faces away from the door.

    I miter my bed sheets.
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    Quote from poi dog

    i miter my bed sheets.
    doesn't everyone?

    except mt husband, that is.

    i feel as though i've shown him at least 1,000,001 times -- at a bare minimum...
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