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10 Reasons Why Nurses are the Best Dates and Mates

  1. 1 1. They can help you get over a hangover or cold more quickly.

    2. Bedbaths

    3. The uniform

    4. They are wxposed to so many x-rays, there is no need for birth control.

    5. You will never need to buy needed general healthcare supplies, because they forget to empty their pockets before they leave work.

    6. They know how to handle bodily fluids.

    7. Nothing shocks a nurse; they have always seen smaller, medium, and huge in all shapes and sizes.

    8. They won't be disgusted by your toiled habits.

    9. They can tell when you are full of crap and they can remedy that.

    10. They know their way around the human body.
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    Good ones, Fran. Leave it to you.
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    if you decide to kill your husband (or wife) because of some dumb thing they did or forgot to do, and you change your mind, you know cpr.

    btw, i've reminded my husband of this more than once.:d


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