When to follow up?

  1. I received two phone calls last week about potential job opportunities. The first one was a recruiter doing the "preliminary" phone interview. He asked me a few basic questions and said I passed. He stated he will forward resume to the nurse manager and she would be in contact with me before the end of the week, if not call him back. Well Monday morning I left him a message on his voice mail stating she hasn't been in contact. I still haven't heard back from the recruiter or the manager.
    Second call was a missed call from a Director of another facility I had applied for. She left a message stating who she was and if I was still interested in the job please give her a call back. I called her back within 30 minutes and then again yesterday with no return call.
    My question is for job #1 should I just chalk it up as the nurse manager didn't like my resume and move on? But job #2 she called me and asked me to call back. Should I follow up again or just leave it alone???
    Any advice would be great 
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  3. by   jadelpn
    I would definetely call #2 back again, and again stress that you are sorry you missed her call, that you are very interested in the position, and you would be able to come in a speak with her further at her convenience.

    With the recruiter, I would call back again, state that you are following up as you never heard anything back from the NM nor him, and that you would appreciate a call back to verify that the NM was in receipt of your resume.

    Good luck!!
  4. by   five10fevr
    Thanks Jadelpn
    I spoke to the recruiter on Job # 1 and he asked me to give him a call back Monday. That will give him time to speak to the manager and find out what is going on. Called and LM again for Job #2. Hopefully I will get a call back on that one real soon. Thanks for your reply