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This may be a really silly question but I have been looking and looking and I cannot find the answer to this question. I haven't finished school yet but I want to start looking around and I have... Read More

  1. by   WorldTravelingYogi
    Quote from Dumplins
    Job Search | one search. all jobs. Indeed.com works wonders. if you dont get a lot that comes up, either your search was too specific or there just arent many jobs in your city. find out how far you're willing to drive and plug in THOSE city names. i live in NJ which isnt a very big state, so when i search, i just put NJ as my location so it searches everywhere.
    go broad and take the time to rummage through everything. for me, Keyword: rn ; Location: NJ
    organize it by "Date" instead of "Relevance" to get the most recent jobs put up.

    careerbuilder and craigslist work very well for some of the smaller jobs such as nursing homes and private practice offices.
    Thanks, that was it. I had tried Indeed before very briefly but this time I spent more time on it and every city I plugged in had jobs returned. I guess I just needed to give it a second chance and be less specific in the search.

    Thanks again.