What to expect at an Open House? What to expect at an Open House? | allnurses

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What to expect at an Open House?

  1. 0 hey ya'll!
    I am going to to be attending an open house for a residency program in July. I've never been to one and have never really had a real interview. Can you guys tell me what to expect? For example, after walking up to the hiring managers and introducing myself...where do I start from there? I don't want to just hand them my resume and walk away. I have something in mind...but am not totally sure. Anything is appreciated.
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    Tell them why you are interested in working for their facility and that particular unit
    I'm a psych nurse at heart and the last one I went to, when the nurse manager asked me why oncology, I know I came off really fake. I intereviewd for my first psych job 2 days ago and it was a lot more natural to tell the nurse manager why I want to work in psych.
    Be prepared for on the spot mini interviews with the usual interview questions.
    I was asked
    How do you handle stress
    What is your weakness
    Future plans
    Why should I hire you vs all the other applicants here
    What would your last boss or instructors say about you
    What things do you think you need to improve on