What other areas of the Medical field can I use my Nursing Degree

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    Since it is extremely difficult finding a job right now in a hospital and even nursing homes, is there any other areas of the medical field that having a Nursing degree would work? I also have a degree in Marketing/Finance.

    Any info is much appreciated !

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    I found a good thread

    ** Note for some reason when I do google searches I am able to find threads relevant to my search as opposed to using the search engine in site, not sure if thats just me.
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    hmm - most of those hybrid jobs in which a nursing 'background' is considered either essential or a "plus" actually require applicants to have nursing experience/competence. For instance, medical equipment companies frequently hire nurses into marketing positions because they can effectively communicate with the folks in their target areas... but those jobs require specific types of expertise and experience. Same goes for jobs in case management, informatics, pharmaceutical industry (drug rep), medical-legal, etc.

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