Urgently need help! Already offered a position, but another potential has come up...

  1. Hello everyone,

    Where I am, student nurses are allowed paid work under supervision after their second year. They are considered employees with the agency.

    I've was successful in my interview and was offered a position on an acute medicine unit. I couldn't be happier! And the manager seemed very nice!

    Some background: My long term career goal is to work in an ICU/PICU in the future , so I have been doing what I can to get some experience. I recently started volunteering at the ICU at the same hospital after being on the waitlist for a spot for a year!

    After learning I'm 3rd year nursing student, one of the charge nurses told me the unit DOES take student nurses! I was ecstatic! ICU has always been my number one interest, but I did not select it on the application form because I didn't think students would be allowed to work in that area. I've met the ICU manager prior to my interview with the acute medicine manager, and she even offered to put in a good word for me for my interview.

    So here is where I need help............How do I go about asking for an interview with the ICU manager professionally? I don't want to seem unprofessional to the other manager who has already hired me! My orientation isn't for a few months, and the offer is conditional depending on whether or not I am in good academic standing.

    Here is what I planned on doing:

    Email the ICU manager expressing my interest in working as a student nurse on her unit, and find out whether she is hiring this year.
    --> If ICU isn't hiring , then I don't even have to worry about this!
    --> If ICU is hiring, gives me an interview and I am successful --> I would contact the acute medicine manager to inform her of the situation....

    Would the above seem very unprofessional? If so, what are some of your suggestions?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! Any help is very much appreciated!!
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  3. by   serenitylove14
    Honestly it might back fire on you. I worked in the ICU as a student and learned alot!! But you could randomly call the ICU manager and ask but dont give your name until she gives you an answer otherwise the other manager might hear about it and not hire you.
  4. by   jujubeee
    Are you only restricted to that acute unit and do you have enough hours? You can bring it up with your manager if your hours aren't full. Maybe you can work for both units of schedule allows you?
  5. by   Aerielle
    Thanks so much for all responses!

    I am restricted to the same amount of hours on either unit. I just strongly would prefer ICU if at all possible for the learning experience!