Torn Between Two Positions (Economic Rarity)

  1. Here's a little background information before I thicken the broth, so to speak: Recent grad and newly licensed RN with an interest in OB and Women's Health. Looking to be a CNM in the future (through FNU's distance learning DNP program). Acronym hell, I know.

    The broth and thickener: For the past four months or so (you can now deduce when I passed the NCLEX) the job market on Guam has been very very dry to say the least. No jobs, no funding, and definitely no need for inexperienced RNs. Then of course there's that new grad mantra of "I can't get a job because I have no experience (because I can't get a job)." However, after many offerings have been made, and goats sacrificed, a position that I applied for fresh out of passing NCLEX has given yield, and I've been scheduled for an interview for a Staff Nurse I position at Guam's only public hospital (Guam Memorial). Now, I did my independent practicum at this hospital, and the unit supervisor and staff of the Labour and Delivery Unit love me and definitely want me to work there, and the feelings are mutual. My interview is scheduled for December 10, 2012. Now add thickener and stir.

    In the time between applying at Guam Memorial and sacrificing goats, I've been looking at other areas to work, because after a while, goats are no longer appealing. My nursing faculty referred me to an opening for a Community Health Nurse I position at one of the regional community health centres here on the island. The pay is much higher, it's closer to home, and the hours are regular. Keep stirring. For this position, the unit manager who is adamant for six new nurses, is eager to hire new grads and home grow her nurses. She doesn't start interviewing until January 18, 2013.

    Now, before we turn this stock into pudding, I wonder if the allnurses community can be of assistance with a few things. And to make it easier on you, and for reading through that massive introduction and text, I will bullet form my questions/concerns, as follows:
    • The position offered at Guam Memorial is a Full-Time position. Obviously, the Goldilocks way to view things (and one option I'm really keen on) is working full time for community health and part time in acute care (labour and delivery)...but the only perfect world is in NCLEX. I love both community and acute care. Ultimately the decision is up to me (not that I've even been offered either position), but what would you do knowing that tiny background tidbit about myself.

    • Anyone familiar with Frontier Nursing? Would it look better on a graduate application for their DNP-CNM program if I did community health? Labour and Delivery?

    • Pros about working at L&D: Already familiar with the workload, paperwork, unit manager , providers, and staff....and babies!

    • Cons about working at L&D: lower pay, on-calls, weekends, and some really catty nurses. Only one other guy there (who precepted me and is a good friend).

    • Pros about working at Public Health: Great supervisor, equally as good as the one in L&D. Better pay, closer to home (the greener choise), regular hours, and no weekends....and a CNM I'm eyeing to mentor me works here, who originally mentioned FNU to me back when I was a student.

    • Cons about working at Public Health: Not skill-driven, less acute, and outpatient.
    Sorry, the bullets didn't seem to make much of a difference. If you're still reading up until this point, how would you tackle this dilemma? Would you pursue the Goldilocks way, and how would you go about it? Would you wait until January 18, 2013 for an interview? Did I really sacrifice goats? (no) Any other thoughts, recommendations?

    Also worth noting that I have a family vacation booked from Dec. 22-Jan 09 (since not hearing from the nth applications I sent out put a damper on my xmas vacation). Now things are looking a weird conflicted kind of way. What to do? And thank you for reading this far. At least you know I'm a RN and not a novelist.
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  3. by   shadowness
    I think the positions are close in many ways. What you should do is decide on which unit holds your heart. I would pick obstetrics even though I personally hate it lol. I don't think you'd get much of a learning experience in public health compared to obstetrics. At the end of the day you need to go with what makes YOU happy. You are gonna have the job for a bit and you want to be happy and motivated. Forget a little quicker of a ride or a few more bucks. Just my 2c
  4. by   lisheng
    Love it! Great 2c!
  5. by   Meriwhen
    First, put the goat down

    Second: agree with shadowness in that you need to go with whatever job is going to make you happy. Unless you are in a serious economic bind, the first nursing job should not be about money--it's about gaining that coveted experience that you need to apply elsewhere. As far as how the other factors weigh in...that's up to you, as I don't know much about your life. Do you have family/school/other needs that would benefit from a more stable schedule and shorter commute? Or are they not as much of a factor?

    While both jobs will give you that coveted experience and WILL be learning experiences--albeit in different areas--one seems to be more related to your dream speciality than the other. That sounds like the one you should pursue.


    I noted that you are talking about interview dates in the despite all of the promises of these managers, you DO NOT have a guaranteed job yet. Technically, you have nothing to choose between.

    IMO, it'd be a mistake to turn either interview down, or to give one your best while fluffing your way though the other. Plus, you may not be the only new grad that these manager(s) are being sweet to, if there are other new grads with better connections than you, or there may be internal candidates who are also eyeing the position and who may have priority over you...

    So go on to both interviews and bring your best game to both of them. You never know which position will end up being yours...and either one would be good.

    And DO NOT stop applying to jobs and interviewing until you have received and signed an official job offer. Words and promises are definitely encouraging...but as you can see in many threads on this forum, words and promises often do not pan out.

    Best of luck.
  6. by   Nurse ABC
    Go on your interview Dec 10 and see if you get a job offer. If you do, accept it! You may not even get the job offer for the community health position! What if you passed on this great opportunity to find out they didn't want you after all for the other?! Tell them when/ if you get the offer you have a vacation planned on those dates and see if your official start date can be when you get back. It probably won't be a problem since it takes a while to go through the background checks, physical, etc. If you don't get the job then go on the other interview and go from there. Do what's sitting right in front of you now.
  7. by   docteri
    I say do the interview and play the waiting game. Both jobs may end up wanting you part time! The pre employment checks can take a long time.