Timing of first job search.

  1. I know after graduation people start frantically looking for jobs. I have a conflicting feelings on what I should do.
    I'm graduating in May and having a baby in June. Should I still apply for jobs as a new grad??? Here is the twist: I already have a LPN job in LTC. This is on-call position but my manager always asking if I'm done with school yet and can become regular. I won't have problem getting job there. However, this is not the place I ultimately want to work at.
    I'm also going to start part-time RN-BSN program.
    So, I have couple thoughts:
    1) keep on-call position, concentrate on getting BSN in shortest time and enjoy time with baby.
    2) Get regular position with my current employer, get BSN and experience and then, look for better job.
    3) start applying to better jobs right after graduation.
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  3. by   hardworkinmama
    If I t were me, I'd do either 1 or 2. If you can afford to keep the on call position I would. You'll have to study for NCLEX, plus take care of yourself & baby. Little ones are only little for a short time, so that would be my priority. Good luck whatever you decide & congrats on the baby!!
  4. by   Al.ginger
    Thanks, MichG!
    I can afford to be on-call yes. As for NCLEX, I feel prepared as of right now, 3 month before graduation. I also make sure I study my NCLEX stuff NOW not when I'm 9 month into pregnancy and after delivery.
    I'm planning to have a baby and take that NCLEX right away. That's not the problem.
    I'm afraid employes would question why I've waited to get a job. I've read that you don't want a holes in your resume.