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    Hello! I am an RN adn new grad this month and like others have not been successful in finding a hospital job. So I have a job waiting on me to become grad nurse at an SNF but also an interview at Davita.

    I have heard negatives regarding both for new grads but at this time I have to take what I can get and ASAP. So from your experience and opinions, what is the better of the two for a new grad?


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    Just my two cents. I would do dialysis. Davita is new grad friendly, they will training you and not leave you alone without another RN in facility for 6-12 months. Patient to nurse ratio are lower but the patients are sicker. They have only a few different meds that you push during dialysis or you might hang an antibiotic. SNF I hear you can be left alone almost immediate with large nurse to patient ratio.
    I am partial to dialysis patient as I was a tech for a few years before nursing school. I would do dialysis again in a heart beat. I was offer an interview by Davita only after I accepted a hospital job that is closer to home then the Davita clinic.
    Best of luck to you
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    Back when I was an EMT, I thought the dialysis nurses looked happier with their jobs than the average snf staff. The dialysis centers also looked cleaner than some of the snf.
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