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Hello all. I am a new grad BSN nurse. I have a hospital interview tomorrow in which they want me to shadow the unit. Has anyone gone through this type of interview and have any helpful tips or... Read More

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    Quote from AFwife727
    Decision still hasn't been made. They always push back the dates and tell me they ended up having interviews go into next week. Doesn't look too good for me.

    I wanted to ask, is it even worth it to reapply to places I was turned down from when new grad programs open up again?
    I kept getting put off by a company I really wanted to work for. I thought the interview had gone well and follow up emails were encouraging. They finally got around to offering me the job when I called the person that interviewed me to check on the progress. In the mean time I continued to apply, interview, and network because I had not been offered the job. A job in hand is worth two in the bush. Keep applying elsewhere.

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    I'm definitely not waiting on this one hospital. She (again) said they should know by the end of the week so I am not sure if I should call them before then to check in. Seems like there's no point since they won't have an answer.

    I've gotten in touch with my state's vocational rehab dept to help me find employment since I have a hearing disability. Employers are wary of hiring me, I'm sure.
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    I didn't get the position. And they made me discuss accommodations that I'd need if I were to be hired. I'm honestly ticked off and hurt at this point.
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    Im sry you didnt get the position. Keep on trying at other places you will find something eventually.

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