Questions to ask during interview?

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    Graduation is just around the corner (May) and I want to start applying for jobs starting next month. I've read all the interview tips: come at least 10-15 mins early, eye contact, firm hand shake, practice answering questions before, come prepared to ask questions etc.

    I've only been on 1 (hospital related) interview for a summer externship last year. So I don't have any experience with DONs and hospital related interviews for nursing positions. I am extremely nervous. And for whatever reason I have a hard time thinking of questions to ask. I often feel like the hospital website gives a good summary and then i feel stuck. During the 1 interview I went to, 2 out of my 4 questions where answered while the interviewers we talking about the hospital.

    I am trying to work in Peds. Can anyone offer some questions to ask while interviewing for a children's hospital specifically. And can anyone offer questions to ask during a general interview. I just feel lost when it comes to asking about hospital/positions. Just looking for some guidance. Anything will be much appreciated. Thanks you!!!!
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    This document has a bunch of really great questions to ask, on page 4.
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    thank u very much

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