Professionalism & anxiety

  1. I'm a new grad like so many others on here. I really need some tips on how to land a my 1st RN job...

    Currently I've applied to pretty much every hospital, for every RN position I'm qualified for as a new grad. I've called to follow up. I even had an interview.

    I thought it went pretty well, but I know I was way too nervous and probably sabotaged myself in that aspect. The recruiter probably thought I was too unsure/flustered and therefore "not ready".

    The thing is, I work in a hospital now as a PCA. I'm not that nervous in my everyday life... just interviews really. Something about knowing that it's this person's job to judge you and compare you to other people... just cranks up my anxiety. Maybe I need some Xanax... lol

    But right now I'm focused on an ICU position on the unit I precepted on. I applied online, faxed a cover letter and resume to the nurse recruiter, I went in person and handed my resume in to be delivered to the nurse manager by one of the nurses I knew (she's 29 and was always helpful during my preceptorship -- she said that the nurse manager was really busy that day though which is why I didn't get to submit it to her myself)...

    I just got off the phone with the HR associate a little while ago. She told me that the recruiter wouldn't be in till Tuesday, I'm assuming she's on vacation for Thanksgiving.

    I got all tongue tied on the phone though, but hopefully it didn't leave a bad impression. Anyway, what do I do now? Should I call the recruiter on Tuesday? Or the nurse manager? Somebody please give me some advice. I want to work in the ICU SO BAD!

    Thank you
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  3. by   Genista
    I would probably give them a week or two, as they might not have time to review your application immediately. Maybe just follow up with a call if you don't hear anything within the next week- two weeks. Good luck!