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Hello, I've been reading allnurses.com for quite some time now and this is my first post! :) I created this thread to ask the advice of experienced nurses and first year nurses about their opinion on a job offer I was given.... Read More

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    Quote from Sammie_R_N
    sbostonRN Do you like your job? Tell me more about it please! Do you have good support from your staff?
    I usually do like my job. It's busy and hectic but I love being a nurse. There are some days when I feel totally overloaded but most are good. I work on a subacute floor in a nursing home. 95% of the patients are discharged home and 5% or so get admitted to a long-term unit. We have G-tubes, respiratory patients, tons of ortho, post-CABG or stent placement or s/p MI. I'll be honest I've never had a trach patient there, but I've only been working for 6 months. We deal with wound vacs, PICC lines, IV antibiotics, meds in all shapes and forms. We receive high ratings from our patient satisfaction surveys and from the state suerveyors, so I'm proud (most of the time) to say I work there. I like seeing a patient go from being bedridden to walking to going home...that's the best thing about working in Rehab. It's a ton of work but it's very rewarding.

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    On this I agree with libbyliberal. I left a similar situation. You won't be able to provide your patients with good care because you will be spread to thin. trust your gut the fact you are asking all of us sounds like in your gut you know it is a bad situation. Maybe ask to shadow one of the RN's on the shift you are going to work and see exactly what you would be getting into. Try not to let the excitement of a job offer cloud your judgment. Also are you sure they are going to honor the training program?
    Best of luck
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    That nurse to patient ratio is crazy ridiculous.:uhoh21:

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